For the past two months or so I’ve been antsy to change things at home. It may have been the fact that I was lying in my mothers home for so long and started online shopping for rugs, shelves, and whatever else. Or it could be the fact that my step mother decided to re-decorate their entire house and started asking me for advice— which means I had the great pleasure of choosing paint colors, tile, patterns, etc. And of course it made me start thinking “what can we do at home?” Not that we need anything else in the house— but you know, I’m itchy for changes around here (for a whole set of reasons). Anyway, I thought I would let out all my brain farts of ‘lets change this and that’ thoughts— as they take place. I normally just show end results, but why not, right?

So we finally said goodbye to our yellow dining room rug. I may have mentioned it, but I never cared for it much. I enjoyed the color, but disliked the pattern. It was a hand-me-down from my SIL who accidentally received the wrong one when ordering. Now, as a second place holder we have this red and blue rug. We we like better— but the red and darker tones don’t fit as well. I’d like to eventually change it– but I’m in no rush. The perfect long term rug will one day find me– I know it. This one was also a hand-me-down, from my MIL. Thanks, Beth!

I obviously have rug issues—a surprise to no one. And I have a collection of rugs in the back room that we (I) like to swap and move around when the feeling strikes. I might eventually sell some of the back room ones locally, if any of you guys are interested.

We also hung a hanging table in this room (that is waiting to be decorated). And I took down (my favorite) green leaf curtains (from 12-ish years ago) because the green curtains + red rug = christmas. I’m hoping to hang those back up one day, when the red is no more.

Our white space. We’re going to do something here. We have a few ideas of what we want to build or create– probably something along the lines of a huge art piece or buying a display piece of some sort. It’s the only wall in the house without those awful wall divider/moulding things— so something big would actually work here. And I’m handing off the blue bench to my friend Lauren. I like it, but I don’t love it. Alex doesn’t care much for it. Lauren loves it, win. 

This space needs work. We had a basket for the longest time for all our loose ends of things to grab when leaving. (you can see it here). We took it down. It makes me very happy that it’s gone (and now outside with plants in it), but we need some other functional piece to take it’s place. again, Waiting on the perfect piece. We also moved the yellow stool that was here outside for plants— (though I might move that back inside). I’m not sure what to do about all the shoes– they’ll probably just stay there though– it’s easier for everyone. We also hung our (mostly my) very large collection of hats. I think it works.

My office space/guest room was completely pink/purple when I moved into this house— even the chandelier— Alex hated it. (See pink room HERE). I didn’t mind it, but I do agree the room could use a lot of tweaks and touches to be a bit better. (you can see the room HERE). Nothing crazy, just some more little things added, or moved around. And I need to finally invest in a desk– but I’m having a hard time finding one I like. All the ones I like are too small. All the big ones are a bit too pricey. Anyway, we finally took the chandelier down for me to paint. Then I wrapped bulb holders in string– though I’m not sure if I love that detail yet. We still need to hang it back up before I can decide.

Hung this little beauty on our gallery wall. Ideally I’d love to take down all the art and photos, paint the wall a crisp white (it’s the original beige-y off white that was in the house when we moved in) and start over with the wall. Realistically, I’m probably too lazy to make that happen anytime soon. But it would be nice.

Our living room is staying the same. Well, theres a floral chair that I’m debating on for this space– but other than that, we like our living room a lot– and with the exception of a large plant we intend to buy, it’ll be like this. We did go through our cabinets to organize and get rid of some of Marlowe’s toys before her birthday gets here. Oh, but we did take down the retro light fixture that was in the hallway entry to this room. I don’t think we plan to replace it with anything— I’m just happy to have it go. Oh and another thing to go– I’d love love love to have all the popcorn ceiling removed from our home– but again, that seems like so much work— more than it’s worth probably.

And last, but not least, I purchased a new mirror and some shelves too to add to our bathroom. (you can see bits of our bathroom HERE.) Our bathroom is interesting– ideally I’d love to tear down and change both of them. Realistically, I don’t see us doing that anytime soon. It’s a big project and more money than I want to spend on something that really doesn’t need to be changed. (though a bathtub seems so nice). Same goes for kitchen— I’d love an overhaul— but every time I start making plans to move forward in changes, I back down, because of things like: vacation wants, my car running into the ground, ten million hospital and doctors bills. I’m a bit too practical when it comes to the bigger aesthetic, non needed things. I’ll totally fix up a space with some paint, thrift finds, and a few accessories without much of a second thought, but overhauls? I debate. Anyway, I bought new shelves for our space– something that flowed a bit more with the rest of our bathroom and bedroom. The mirror we had in the bathroom was especially ugly before, but adding this one seemed to tie in the light fixtures, the rest of the original gold hardware– and even made the bathroom tile (that I really didn’t like) look more attractive. A nice easy change. I’m hoping to take photos of our little, slightly weird bathroom space later.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of other details– I’ve been on a kick to change a lot. Maybe it’s a control thing– I can’t control and fix my body right now, but I can’t work on the house— next best thing, right? 😉 What else? Well, we’d love to paint the house in the near future— and we finally decided on a color— pink. Yep. Pink. I was leaning towards a blue, but we’re going for a pink potentially with blue details. I’m into it. Maybe we’ll do it this winter when it all cools down and our garden doesn’t look like a tornado hit it.

Anyway, hopefully this post wasn’t too weird or boring. I just thought I could share and you guys could get into my (and Alex’s) over-thinking “what should go where” head. He really is the same as me with this stuff– and I am ohhhh-soooo-grateful for that. Since I’ve met him we’ve compulsively moved stuff or battled at what angle something should sit at. But when your husband suggests he wants to turn a rainbow lantern into a lamp for your bedroom— well, thats magic and true love to me.

I hope you guys are having a great week. I’m okay, tiny ups and downs. On and off brain fog. Still mostly avoiding people since I fear how zombie like and weird I must (or might) come across. But I’m doing okay. Thanks again for being here <3


  1. Hello! It's good to see you getting some energy back. I wanted to mention a doctor that posts hundreds upon hundreds of informational medical advice. I often search his channel for information on my ailments. His name is Robert Morsend. I'm sure you get tons of advice for healing, but maybe this information could help you a bit 🙂 Happy, healing vibes to you 😉

  2. I love your house! The hat rack is my FAVORITE!! Didn't know it was knew but I immediately noticed it and loved it. I like the new rug, I'd love to see more pics of it with the pretty blue runner that's by your front door – they seem to go well together. Also, love the mirror (and the shelf)!

  3. You have such a lovely touch with your home, it always has a very warm and friendly feel. A few changes under way here at the moment – the spare room has turned into a room for my middle boy, so he isn't sharing with his big brother any more. So a little more furniture is making it's way into our lives. I get a bit panicky if too much happens at once though. Wishign you a good week. CJ xx

  4. I'm so curious…what did you use to hang your hats? I've been looking for a solution and haven't found anything ideal yet. I'm worried that thin hooks will damage the hats or change their shape slightly. I mean, not that we have super nice hats or anything but I'd rather not have hook marks in the crown.

    • we just purchased 4inch (ish) long nails and banged them into the wall. I was looking for nice hooks for a long time, but then realized that there was really no point since the only time you would see a hook is when the hat is on my head– and if that hat is on my head, chances are I'm not home 😉 You could do something like that and perhaps wrap them in felt?

  5. I liked reading your brain farts. Your house is so lovely. Can I ask a nosy question? How come you didn't paint the brown wooden shelving and frames in the recessed part of the ceiling in your living room?? I always wondered if there was a reason why you chose not to paint them white and I thought this was my chance to ask..! I think this is my first time to post a comment. I'm glad I'm starting with something profound. Sending you good health vibes from Switzerland.

    • honestly, I'm not sure! I think I was just a bit nervous that I would do it and not like it so I left them as is. We might eventually paint them— but I feel like we would only really do it when we're ready to remove the awful popcorn ceiling and paint the upper walls in the top part (they're currently light pink). Who knows! Thanks for your profound question 😉

    • Aha! Now I can rest easy. I love all the work you have done on your home; it's a really beautiful space. We rent and I live the homeowner dream vicariously through you. I think we're doing a great job! Thanks for sharing.