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So you guys already know we’re 100,000% into organizing everything. Everything. But one thing I’m not especially good at is organizing all our time. I was more on top of it in the past, but lately my mind can’t focus on ten million things like it once could so I find myself lapsing on too many things. (sorry everyone). I mean really, at this point I’m hardly able to keep up with text messages— even Alex is lucky if he gets a text back (sorry, babe). I’m trying though— I’m really trying.

Alex and I have been really into list making— the only trouble is I tend to make lists on random notepads or on the notepad on my phone or computer and Alex makes lists in the kitchen or on a list maker on his phone. But our notes are rarely in the same place. And since Marlowe has started school? And now that I’m trying to keep up with life and work and a never-ending email box after being half dead for so long— well, you know, it’s been hard!

Well, we’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to Cozi this month. It’s an all in one app for your schedule making, list making, family journaling, and even recipe keeping! Best yet, you get to share the app with your family— so I can log in and add all my lists, notes, and reminders, and Alex can do the same! We no longer have ten million half lists lying around. And it’s basically all free. I mean, it is free– but you can choose to upgrade to a gold account for a few more upgrades, or if you don’t want to see ads or want to personalize the look of your app– otherwise, the standard free account is great as is! It even reminds you when trash day is each week.

You can color code each family member and each event so it’s extra easy to keep track of individual or group plans– which now seems especially handy since Marlowe has her own agenda and things like “hey Alex, hang the chandelier back up” can include both him and I in the alert reminder 😉

It’s really a pretty neat all-in-one! Check it out if you need some help life organizing 🙂
You can download the iOS app HERE.
or the Android version HERE.

*Cozi is the must-have app for families to manage the chaos of everyday life. With Cozi, it’s easy to coordinate crazy schedules, track grocery lists, manage to do lists, store recipes, and keep everyone on the same page. Cozi is FREE, designed to be shared across family members, and offers real-time access from every platform (iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows phone/tablet, PC/Mac). Visit Cozi.com or search for Cozi in your favorite app store. 



  1. !We just started using this about 2 weeks ago and it is a godsend! With two little guys, one in 1st grade and one in pre-k, and 2 soccer schedules, my husband is constantly asking me who has what on any given night. I think my favorite feature, however, is the fact that you can meal plan! I don't have to hear from my husband, "What's for dinner?" every single night because it's already in Cozi 🙂

  2. What a great idea! My son's Dad and I co-parent but live separately. My little one starts JK this week. This would be a great way to keep Dad involved in the activities and apps without the extra messages! Off to download!