It sort of feels like lifetime ago that I went to India. It’s been just a touch over six months. Most days I wish I was still there and I debate about buying a ticket and heading back. Most days, the realistic side of me knows, it might be a bit longer until I actually do something like that. Lucky for me, the one food my stomach seems to have no issues with these days (besides miso soup) is Indian food! It doesn’t seem to matter how spicy it is, my stomach and head is like “well, this works!” haha. So at the very least, I can enjoy something while reminiscing of this magical place. Though to be quite honest, I still am mostly missing the fried bread part of each meal. ANYWAY—

Our pottery lessons in India were sort of a spur of the moment thing. We originally planned to have our lessons in the first few days of arriving to India, but we got rained out. With Lisa and Rubina’s great planning, we were able to make some moves and changes and make our lesson happen in a completely different town. How? I’m not sure, thats just part of the magic of Above The Clouds I guess 😉 It pays off to be obsessively anal in planning and back up planning I guess 😉

My favorite outfit on the whole trip. I wish I could have found something like this for myself and for Marlowe. Yellow, pink, rainbow, AND FLORALS. Amazinggggg. 

I wish I could hold onto these memories a little tighter. The feelings and emotions seem to be slipping. I wont lie (I never do, right? 😉 I hate that I got sick so soon after coming back— it sort of takes away from the high of the experience, you know? But thats life and totally uncontrollable. I’m just happy that I’m starting to be well enough now to see more travel happening in my future again. Grateful for that.

We’re heading to the Caribbean again in two months— which should be good. Not too far from home and not too much time away from home. And we’ll be going with family— so there’s extra help if I need. And Ital food in Jamaica? Totally into it. And I’m already planning and (over) thinking about next summer— since we’ll finally be heading to France and hopefully more places too! Alex thinks I’m nuts for already trying to plan for next summer— but after being sick for this long– it’s such a nice feeling to look so far into the future with so much hope and excitement. And one of the people I love most is getting married! In a castle! How could I not be excited?! Travel is so incredibly important to me— one of my top priorities really— whether it’s a few hours away or a day away, it’s so many of these experiences that I live for. I’m not sure when I’ll visit all the places on my list– but if there’s a will there’s a way— I’m looking forward to making a way. 

We don’t have too many weekend plans around here. Alex is working through the weekend (he had a bunch of time off this past week) and it’s been raining raining raining for weeks now. I’ve been incredibly unmotivated lately. I’m not sure why, maybe the rain. Or maybe the “I’ve been just too sick too damn long” blues. Or maybe I just need to clean my house or give coffee a go again. I want to work on doing more natural living posts in this space again and more family adventures and what not. But until the motivation kicks in, I’m just hoping to see some friends this weekend and maybe start up yoga classes again.

Happy friday, everyone. I hope you guys have an incredible weekend. Thanks for being here—- even when I keep posting photos from six months ago 😉

ps. do you guys hate when I put stuff behind a cut? I do it because I feel like it helps keep the page looking clean— especially with posts like this— but I know they can be a pain. I personally don’t like when other blogs put things behind cuts– so I’m not sure why I keep doing it myself. I should probably just work on narrowing down the photos and skipping the cuts. Thoughts welcome. 🙂

pps. I recently found and stole this from Stacey, one of the awesome ladies on the trip. it’s sort of perfect. still my favorite place/maybe favorite india post so far 🙂 


  1. Wow, I would love to do something like this, I dream of visiting India someday! Well, I have most of the world on my list actually, but India is definitely up there near the top! Cuts don't bother me either, since I follow on bloglovin I don't actually see them, but if I visit a blog and it has cuts I usually don't like it because its too easy to lose where you are and have to keep going back or have even more tabs open!

  2. I don't like cuts, but if they're necessary for you to post more pics, then I say keep the cuts! The more pics the better. 🙂

  3. As always, lovely photos & stories. I really enjoy seeing more & more of this adventure 🙂

    I subscribe to your blog via RSS feed, so I come directly to the post page when you update. The cut doesn't bother me because I rarely see the home page!

  4. I like when there's a cut. It's more annoying if you came to the page to see that post, but makes it much easier to navigate when you're looking for something specific or trying to find a previous post. I read from blog lovin thigh so the cut doesn't make a difference!

    • yeah, having a reader or posts delivered to you makes the whole thing not a problem. Esp. bloglovin' cause you have to click through anyway!

  5. yesh i hate how this is going to read because well, written words just arent the same as if delivered verbally, but putting stuff after a cut feels like fishing for clicks. so stats are better. so one can get more sponsors. i realize with a long post its nicer to have a cut – and with your front page so beautiful, cuts keep them tidier. but it is internet culture to fish for cuts so even if your intention is to not fish for cuts (which i believe the case), it can feel like that because well, so many internet sites do it.

    • I hear that. I hate when I visit a page and I have to click "more" or "next" for every goddamn tip. My rule is 14+ photos and the post goes behind a cut— don't ask me why it's 14— it's just a number I randomly chose years ago— and normally thats not a problem.. but lately I feel like Ive been doing more and more photos and end up with 18 photos so I put it behind a cut. And then I over think it and think "people hate cuts— no one is going to see my favorite photos" internet politics and rules (even self placed ones) are annoying. I just keep hoping people will be like "these photos have to be worth it" and click through 😉 Also, I definitely put my long word vomit emotional posts behind cuts— cause it just feels safer somehow there. I'm weird, I know.

    • ugh. i don't like them either— but i'm having trouble keeping my photo amounts down and hate to fill the home page with 20+ photos. #workingonit