bubbles and tutus.

one of her first school projects– she had to create herself out of objects. I dig it. 

that one time that baby ducks saw us from across the street and all ran after us! omg.

her little buddy.

double trouble.

all my friend remind me of potatoes. 

in any one meal, I eat an entire sheet tray of vegetables. It’s slightly ridiculous, incredibly expensive, but there has to be a good amount of nutrients in this much veg, right? 🙂

hi waylon. I love you even though my face swells up with itchiness around you.

she decided she wanted to set up a beauty place/spa. this is her front desk. check in and pay first please.

when your friends and their new baby match your couch…..


and this cutie too.


  1. Was she giving massages?? I would have been down for that. Also, I love how much you love animals! Having baby ducks chase me would have made my day 🙂

  2. Brilliant self-portrait from school! Nice to see such summery light. Here everything is a touch gloomy at the moment. No doubt I will get through it. CJ xx