After our spur of the moment overnight stay in Miami— we headed to Boca for a bit of a staycation. Here’s the thing though— since we spent the night in Miami, we were waaaay lazy and didn’t want to drive the extra 25-30 minutes home and then back south just for a few things– so we just went straight to the hotel. I mean, we had our bathing suits— what else would one need, right? 🙂 haha. Well, we did need toothbrushes too, but we had picked that up the night before in Miami. I had one spare set of clothes (a romper)– I always travel with a spare change of something (weirdo, I know) and Marlowe had just been gifted hand me down pj’s from Lily, so it was sort of perfect. Sooooo in the spirit of “this year sucked, let’s have a little fun” we ended up spending two whole nights away from home, completely unplanned. This whole experience made me realize how nice and easy it’s been since I stopped wearing makeup. I hadn’t written about it here, but in this whole getting sick thing, I just kind of gave it up. I mean, occasionally I’ll put something on, but now it’s super rare.  Not feeling like “I need makeup” or “I can’t go out, I don’t have any makeup” feels really good. It’s sort of silly, but it made this whole experience emotionally less stressful 😉 It’s crazy to think there was a time where I would have felt pretty uncomfortable to be away for two days without makeup.

Anyway, this whole week was a super nice refresh for all of us. It gave us all a chance to just relax and breathe– in a lot of different ways.

(I want this lounge)

jelly fish searching! we saw the BIGGEST jelly fish! The hotel was on a waterway/lake boca where we could see lots of different fish and jelly fish. We had really hoped for a manatee spotting (apparently those do happen in the area) but we sadly didn’t see any.

sleepover? pool day? french fries? what more could this kid ask for!

Since Alex had a good five days off work and Marlowe had school off monday, it all really worked out perfectly. We checked into the Waterstone Resort early on monday— which a monday in summer is really one of the best times to check into a hotel in south florida (unless soy’s looking to party). And since it was a holiday, it was even better. It really felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We spent the whole entire day by the pool, ordered french fries, chips and gauc (I had some too!!! I can eat small amounts of corn again!) and then just lounged in our room until we were hungry again. For dinner we headed to this small organic market in the area, filled up on food, grabbed some snacks and some necessities (protein powder for me, almond milk for M), went to the bookstore for some new books, and headed back to the hotel where we very happily laid in bed and watched tv until bed time.

The next morning, Marlowe had the amazing life experience of watching morning tv, haha. She also ate cereal on the balcony (living the dream) before we headed back home. We got her ready for school, dropped her off, and then Alex and I gladly made our way back to the hotel—with extra clothes this time 😉 We planned for my sister in law to pick up Marlowe from school so Alex and I were lucky enough to just have a bit of time to spend together and not worry about too many responsibilities for a while. We thought we would walk or tram ride to the beach, but the weather was a bit on and off— but we didn’t mind. In fact, I think we were glad to have an excuse to lounge around and do nothing.

on + off

plants we had stole from Claudia’s house and my new coloring book 🙂 

my dress that looks and feels like pajamas. aka the only dress I need to wear. // days of the same braid and no make up //doing it right.

After taking Marlowe to school, we headed to a botanical garden, laid by the pool, went out for coffee to discuss life goals, and then headed to a restaurant to have our first real date in a long time. We really couldn’t have planned a better day.

bathing suit (same cut, different print) / hat.
I ended up with realllllllly nice tan lines from the day before 😐 Well, they look like burn lines– but it didn’t hurt— so I don’t know what to say about that.

His new cookbook— which I’m bummed about, because I had it in my shopping cart to buy for him, but then decided not to. When he discovered the book, he ended up buying it for himself— I knew I should have gotten it! 

We really love staycations around here. We don’t do them enough (who does?) but it’s always such a treat when we get to take a minute and just lounge around– without having to travel too far from the house 🙂

I hope you guys are having a good week. I feel like this month long sickness is slowly passing– thankfully. We’ve been super productive in our garden, I had a great girls day with Laura, and I’m looking forward to a good celebratory rest of the week for Marlowe’s birthday 🙂 Happy wednesday, friends! 


  1. How fun! I love the one-piece suit you're wearing too, would you might sharing the brand? Super cute. Glad you're feeling a little better. Thanks!

  2. Drea!!!! I am overly excited that you have that dress, because I have it in black and it is MY FAVORITE THING OF ALL TIME. And now I feel extremely cool, since there you are wearing it too.

    It's so great you're feeling better. xoxo

  3. It's funny how a long-term/chronic illness can change your perspective on make-up (& life). Since I've had MS I only wear it when I really want, and I traveled with none this summer. Such bare faced bliss!! And um…that dress, yeah, I had to go buy one. So cute/looks like pjs/and it has pockets! Win.

  4. This is right down the street from my childhood home! If you have not gone yet and you're up for it, you should go see Gumbo Limbo Nature Preserve- this time of year you can go watch sea turtles nesting/ release of some of the babies they rescue!