Well, miss Marlowe had a wonderful birthday! She told me she thought this birthday and her third birthday were the best ones ever. She had a rainbow butterfly sparkle party with a bounce house on her third birthday, so that totally makes sense. It was a good week for this little one, bounce house or not 😉 I can’t wait to share more tidbits from her day 🙂 And in case you didn’t get enough photos of miss M on the last post— here’s a bunch more of adorable pictures we took here in the sunshine and tropical trees!

Teaming up with my friends over at Sunuva again— to share cute photos of Marlowe, the cute dresses she’s wearing and to let you know they’re having a big ole’ sale. Up to 70% off a ton of items. We love Sunuva, this is our fourth time teaming up with them! You can see our past posts: HERE. Linking a bunch of our favorite items— all from the sale section, because who doesn’t love a sale?

Some of our favorite on sale pieces:
her pink dress in white.
this embroidered dress.
towel hoodie: so handy.
marlowe is obsessed with this reversible swimsuit. she gets to pick the colors based on her mood 🙂
&&this feather swimsuit: bikini / one piece.

feather kaftan dress (on sale too!) 

Oh and before I forget, Sunuva’s swimwear is all UPF 50+ validated by the British Skin Foundation! Cute swimwear is great— but extra sun protection is amazing.

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Pictures of recently things will be up soon! Happy monday, friends <3

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  1. She looks adorable, so glad it was an excellent birthday. CJ xx