Happy thursday friends! I wanted to share with you a bit of blog/web love! This site doesn’t really count as a blog, it’s more of an amazing beautiful website for all of us to enjoy, be part of, or envy 😉

Have you guys heard of at{mine}? I think it’s a more used/bigger site in the UK—- I don’t think a lot of us Americans have heard of it yet. I THINK, but I mean, I’m totally out of the loop with most things, but whatever. If you haven’t heard of at{mine} check the site out, it’s awesome! It’s sort of like pinterest but based primarily/solely on beautiful house photos! Which for me is 1,000 times more amazing.

I’ve been saving all the plant (urban jungle) photos and kitchen photos for inspiration. Admittedly, we don’t need more plants at all— and like I’ve said multiple times, we wont be re-doing our kitchen anytime soon, if ever, but it’s so nice to scroll and dream! ALL the photos are SO nice! I have yet to find one that didn’t look good! Oh and of course, I LOVE the outside space section as well!

ps. right now they’re having an style challenge of “plants and art” aka: my dream challenge. You just upload your plant + art photos to their Urban Jungle section to enter. OR you can do it on instagram and use the hashtags #styleatmine and #urbanjunglebloggers 🙂 It runs through september— which is apparently already ending soon 😐 (how did that happen?) 
check em out! at{mine}
don’t forget to check out (and follow) all the photo sources– they have amazinggggg photos! like this one. swoon.

and just because… find kitchen love inspiration photos behind cut….

So good, right? I love it all so much. 


  1. What gorgeous photos, I love plants and rooms and gardens too. I particularly like that work desk with the botanical paints. How I love to see someone's work space, it's always so personal and unique. CJ xx