Hi guys! Okay, so these photos have nothing to do with anything, except I found them hiding out somewhere from our time in Massachusetts and I figured I should share– because who doesn’t love cute farm animals and cute kids? I mean, really…

So anyway… this past month, what an adventure, right? Oooof. Well, I’m happy to report I’m in a better mood than I was at the beginning of the week. We’re back home and things seem like their getting better— we can only hope, right? With the exception of today, Alex and I have been working hard to get everything in order. Lots of bleach for the mold— we have the whole house sprayed out with this anti-microbial-whatever stuff. It’s supposed to kill all bacteria, mold, whatever in the house. Sure, it makes me nervous as hell— “anti” anything or anything “cide” makes me squirm– but at this point I have to believe we’re not really getting any beneficial bacteria from the air, so I’d rather just take everything down for a minute and work on re-building the good again—basically exactly what I did with my stomach I guess. Am I even making sense? Who knows. But it seems like we’ve hopefully taken care of that problem. I’ve also started caulking the windows. Alex has been fighting the grime on the outside. We’re just surrounded by lists of to do tasks to tackle right now. For the recent robbery, well, we got new locks, a new alarm system, and well, thats all we can do. After all of these projects are done we’re hoping to move back into more enjoyable projects, like our garden. And hopefully painting the house. I mean, I don’t personally want to paint the house, but I want the house painted 😉

Today we got a big breath of fresh air by dropping Marlowe off at school and heading into the swamps for a few hours of canoeing. We only saw one gator, but the weather was amazinggggg and the company was super rad too. We really had a great day. I’m happy we took a break from the madness to do something like that.

In general, I’ve been feeling a lot better. All of us seem a bit better actually. I’m finally off to an allergist tomorrow to learn more about exactly what allergies I now have after the c. diff. I’m really hoping I can add almond and/or peanut butter back in my life (it’s the little things, right?). My throat still on and off hurts and I wake up congested from time to time, but overall, I feel good this week, despite the garbage we had to deal with.

Thank you again for being here. And thank you to all those who have reached out and offer to help. We’re good— just one task at a time and a much needed break in between it all 😉 Thank you thank you.

“can I have a chip, kid?”

“no? Okay, cool.”

I did it’s hair– naturally. 

have you guys tried this stuff? It’s weird. I think my only real problem with it though was lack of bubbles. I think I expected it to be bubbly like kombucha and was totally thrown off when it wasn’t. I would drink this again and add the magic of carbonation to it 😉

Happy friday, friends. Have a great weekend!


  1. I make my own beet Kvass, it's really easy to make and if you don't like using "whey" you can always just use the "wild" fermentation method, it still tastes just as "weird" good just takes longer. I also have water kefir grains that I feed beet juice instead of sugar and its just what you would expect a fizzy healthy beet juice.

    P.S sorry for all the "exclamations".

  2. I'm glad you're back home and putting things to rights. And I'm so pleased that you're feeling quite a bit better overall, that's good news indeed. Wishing you a lovely weekend as well. CJ xx

  3. I tried the Beet Kavss also. Yes, no bubbles I couldn't finish it, it was so flat tasting. I'm sticking to my Master Brew (tart cherry) Kombucha.