While I still feel I maybe loved Nawalgarh the most– and we all felt intense sadness leaving the people we met and loved there, especially at my favorite hotel. But we welcomed the change that Jaipur brought. It was a colorful adventure that I also want to relive again one day. If I could only pick two places to return to it would be here and Nawalgarh. The details in and outside of the buildings were amazing. So amazing in fact, that this post really only revolves around our hotel— there were endless amounts of details and beauty everywhere we looked. Jaipur was nice. It felt a bit more relaxed and maybe a bit more like vacation than the other places— while also being a party at the same time (HOLI!).

We walked up to the most beautiful hotel to be adorned with marigold necklaces and sweet fruit juices. And later when I would turn on a cheeky inflight movie and relive my experience, I would learn my cheesy movie was in fact filmed here. If you haven’t seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I’d recommend it– well, if you like cheesy films 😉

I said it before, but I’ve never taken so many bathroom selfies– or selfies in general until India. And since I’ve come home, I definitely haven’t continued with the trend. Each new hotel and each room felt like a new adventure. Like opening a present– we never knew what we would get. Some rooms were neon pink, so had intricate ceilings, it was always a toss up— a very fun toss up.

I still drool and cry a bit every time I see the food. There’s also a new vendor at the farmers markett near us who makes top notch Indian vegan goods. It’s the closest thing I’m going to get– but I’ll take it.

This photo came out blurrier than I would like, but I just love this wall so much. The paintings of elaborately dressed and accessorized men were one of my favorite things about India. I’ll take one for every room, please. And the painted details on the wall? And that couch? Oooof. love.

And this. THIS. Can this just be my house? I love it all so much. 

And the peacock details? SOLD. 

Lisa and I are just so serious, guys. 

This bar. How amazing is it? I ended up giving away the bench that was inspired by this bar to my friend Lauren who is leaving me and Florida for the north. I love her, the bench, and this bar all very much.

Where I ended up getting drunkish one night. The only time really, I think. But so worth it. To spend time getting to know this ladies? With delicious food? And cocktails? Im just sad I’m not still here.

day time wandering. 

and finding ms. Brittany…. and opening her (future) husband’s wine from burgundy. And sharing it with her in India. Magic really.

And then we decided to move the party outside, with a mouth full of french fries and hearts full of love. Even with the weird sweet Indian ketchup, it was pure magic.

private yoga love. 


Oh Jaipur, I’ll never forget you. And I will be sure to visit you again one day. 

And an awkward group shot of my favorite ladies. I seriously feel so incredibly lucky to meet each and everyone one of them. My friend Hailey actually opened up a fair-trade shop recently and put a bunch of one of a kind scarves from India for sale. She named each scarf after each of us the trip and I think she did an amazing job matching each scarf to each personality/person. I mean, she maaaaaaybeee could have picked a floral scarf for me, but my other go to is always stripes, so that works too 😉 They’re beautiful (and so is everything else in her shop) if you want to check them out!

I miss you ladies all so much. Thank you for joining me… and taking awkward group photos with me. muah muah muah. Thank you Above the Clouds for making magic with me.

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  1. This is magnificent. Usually when I see travel pics, they'll remind me of somewhere else I've been but this is unlike anything I've ever seen in real life. What a dream.

  2. This is so visually stunning, I keep staring at the pics… And I love both of the Best Exotic films! Yes cheesy but cute haha 🙂

  3. Wow, what gorgeous photos, it looks like an utterly amazing place, as you say, so much beauty everywhere. Love the cloud-pruned trees in the gardens (behind the girl in red on the wine picture) and the bar. Glad you all had such a fantastic time. cJ xx