It’s been a while since I posted Marlowe’s photos, but they’ve been slowly collecting, so here we go! I like to call this one ‘we love jeans’. 

balloons + flowers from our second sparkle party. she even took the time to line them up.

a bee man. bzzzzz. 

daisy chain making in The Berkshires.

her chalkboard art. 

and taking photos of cooking… and her wanting to do it too. 

she likes to help set up the flowers. from oatmeal photo taking day.

a fox propped up on her lazy mama.

she decided to wanted to make a cookbook too. it came out pretty amazing— this is a fridge. then there’s photos of recipes and food. my mom is keeping it, it’s so good. 

us at the green market this weekend. and my kombucha that looks like booze 😉 


  1. Her photos are brilliant, it's always nice to see things from a child's viewpoint. I love the last picture, but most of all I love her cookbook. So sweet how she likes to do the things that you do too. CJ xx