I’ve had a lot of google hits about my hair lately.. not sure why. but I did finally get a haircut this week. #winning. but here’s a post about my natural hair routine, in case you haven’t seen it or were looking for it. And part two. And my bathroom tour (of products)– cause we’ve actually spruced it up and I’ll be taking more photos soon.

So I did it. I had *pizza* again since c. diff. It was on a store bought gluten free crust. and I made our cashew cheese to put on top. It made me reaaally sleepy after. It wasn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but it wasn’t too bad either.

I think we might actually sit in this hammock more than our couch. And we fight about it too…

made a tiny friend. 

him searching for seeds. her stealing my fruit. me and my coloring book obsession

pink house love. 


“sports day” at school. this was the best we could do. still makes me laugh. #teamkale. (kale shirt.)

pretty floors.

I like to friend all the coconuts. 

a random assortment of things by the front door. 



  1. I love your living room. All the pieces seem to fit and work.

    We just bought a house, and are in the process of buying furniture. I want things to fit, but starting from scratch is very hard. Yours provide an inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Really glad you've has some enjoyable moments recently, you deserve it! You've been in my thoughts a lot this year and i'm so happy to see you gradually getting back on your feet xxx

  3. Red Mill gluten free pizza base mix is amazing! it's nearly as good as the real stuff! you do have to use eggs in it though

  4. I love all the things lined up by the door, especially those hats. Glad you're eating pizza again, all is right with the world. I hope your recovery continues well. CJ xcx