Alex’s bedside
seriously, I live in my swing chair. Breakfast and lunch here as often as I can. It’s messy, but so good. Rarely dinner though– just too many bugs! 
this chai is SO GOOD. 
night time is pretty too.

my snuggle bunny when she was sicky. love her. 
open windows!
and again… I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s too big to have me taking these photos– so I do it now often 😉 
She wanted to show me what a serious, strong, lady looked like 🙂 
flowers from our garden! 
hi there. 
ohhhh hey there. Iguana shake your hand too.
measuring things.
I love you kitty. Oh, speaking of cats, I finally/officially had allergy testing done. The only thing I came out positive for was cats and dogs. What a freaking bummer. 
ps. speaking of happy, good things, I’m taking part of a fun instagram campaign #CreateaLifeYouLove for Kathy Davis 🙂 A brand that believes you have a right to follow your dreams and just do and enjoy more. it’s rad. Anyway, if you want to follow along (or join in!) follow me and Kathy Davis on instagram @ohdeardrea and @KathyDavisBrand 🙂 


  1. Once your system is stronger again — just because you have an allergy doesn't mean you can't have pets.

  2. Gorgeous photos today Drea, I especially love the flowers from your garden (well done indeed!) and the garden shop. And the picture of your and Marlowe by Alex's bedside is particularly touching. Potions of the Caribbean looks excellent. My little man loves to do a spot of measuring with the big measuring tape too. CJ xx