gf pizza + cashew cheese

black bean quesadilla + nutritional yeast.

we’ve been making her banana ice-cream every morning. “banana swirl” if your kid watches daniel tiger. 

and sometimes we add other fruit too. she acts like its a magical treat. 

tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, and shells. 

GF coconut pancakes. 

turmeric ginger soup. still a favorite around here. Hoping to post a recipe this month.

tomato fennel soup, fried egg, avocado. so the egg thing– my mom asked the other night “so marlowe is eating eggs everyday, right?” and was surprised to learn the kid only has about one maybe two a month. I’m happy we’ve opened up this option, but still prefer to keep it limited, since she doesn’t by any means need it. 

that green pasta again….


  1. I love these posts!!! Do you have a recipe for the green pasta or coconut pancakes!? PS. I cannot wait until I receive your cookbook too 🙂

  2. banana swirl! hah! that's what we call it too. good ol daniel tiger. i swear my kid started liking cherry tomatoes because daniel said he likes cherry tomatoes. you gotta try new food cause it might taste go-ood…!

  3. Turmeric and ginger soup sounds perfect for this chillier time of year, although I know it won't be chilly with you. Great for the immune system though. It's all making me feel hungry, so I'm off to find some breakfast now. CJ xx