First, I want to say thank you guys. I do still feel tremendously down– and I keep hoping its just hormones, but I know it’s not. It’s just life. But the little words of encouragement do help a bit. And a bit is a whole lot better than nothing or not at all. So really, the emails, the comments, the messages– I know they all take time, so thank you.

On a brighter side of life— I’m happy to say whatever was getting at M for the past two months has seemed to have passed— finally. We’re just trying to be as preventative as we can now. If I feel like she has anything coming on at all, she gets oregano, honey, and ginger. Similar to this cold fighting tonic Alex and I take. It’s not delicious, but it works. If you haven’t seen that post yet, I definitely recommend it now that sick season is coming (or is it here?). For Marlowe, the tonic is a bit intense, so we adjust it accordingly. But on more of a daily basis— or when she’s stuffy and needs something warm to clear her sinus’ a bit, we do tea. She’s content with just warm water and lemon (which is great for sinus and stomach), and she does enjoy herbal teas from time to time, but what she really likes is her “cinnamon tea.” It’s warming, yummy, and basically her kiddo version of my adult chai drink. She likes to ask for it after school and sips it while she does her homework. I add a tinge of ginger to combat the bad stuff and some honey to soothe her throat, make it a bit sweeter of course, and for it’s antimicrobial benefits.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m talking a lot about M here, but this is certainly not just for kiddos. It’s a nice drink for us adults too 😉

you’ll need:
-one cup almond milk or your preferred non dairy milk. (dairy is TERRIBLE for mucus production and sinus congestion, so skip the cow’s milk if you’re sick)
-1/8 teaspoon grated ginger
-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
-1 teaspoon local honey (or to taste)
-optional: cinnamon stick

how to:
so there are too ways you can do this– depending on what equipment you have at home.

if you have a milk steamer:
add all ingredients except milk to a mug. heat milk with steamer, once hot and bubbly pour into mug, whisking all ingredients together quickly. Once mixed, serve hot (or warm) with a cinnamon stick.

no steamer? no problem:
combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan (cinnamon stick included), heat on low. whisk together until combined, serve.

voila, a little warming treat. 

Also, before I go, I want to leave this link with you guys here. I’ve mentioned the dietician I met with a few times on this blog. She really means a lot to me. She was really the one person who I’ve relied on so often this shit-storm year. Well, her grandson is now fighting stage IV neuroblastoma and their family is asking for donations to help with medical expenses. Any little bit helps. If you have even a dollar to spare, that would be appreciated. With a lot of having kids or grandkids, it’s really hard to imagine how difficult something like that would be. I know it would mean a lot to me, but even more to them. You can read more or donate: HERE.

Thank you again guys. Your support, words, presence, all of it. <3


  1. Sending every positive wish your way. Thank you, too, for a lovely hot drink recipe, just right for autumn.

  2. Love your mugs and Marlow's leggings–can you share where you got them both?

    • mugs are thrifted! Top legs are thrifted too I believe. And bottom leggings I believe are Mini Boden!

  3. …and, one thing that is really unique about your blog is that you never make me feel less worth even though I admire you. Often when I read blogs (I don't read very many for that particular reason) I just end up feeling some stupid sought for perfection. Your blog is so real and down to earth. I don't even feel like your post on foods disturb me (food blogs often stresses me), they're just inspiring to just the perfect degree!

    • I agree – love your blog, your honesty..I used to blog but then I had a horrible taxi accident and went through a hard time health wise and I just couldn't post anymore. I just couldn't bring myself to be honest and write about how I was feeling and what I was going through. So I'm really inspired and encouraged by you and your honesty and I am totally rooting for you. This year has been shit for you. It just sucks. I'm sending you lots of prayers and positivity. Lots of love from Philly!

  4. I love her pants with colorful birds! I hope things work out for you soon. You brighten up my day every once in a while and inspire me to continue with things I sometimes have a hard time believing in (generally keeping a healthy focus in my everyday life and at the same time remember to treat myself). You deserve easier times! Thanks for posting a good mix of light and heavy stuff. Love

  5. Cinnamon tea is delicious isn't it. It's something I discovered at my partner's sister's house a few weeks ago. I didn't think I'd like it, but in fact I absolutely love it. So sorry to hear what your dietician and her family are going through. CJ xx