Alright so, before I talk about wonderful and terrible things— I want to talk about things that aren’t a matter of life and death and are just a matter of comfort and aesthetics. Cool? We can get to all the amazing and crappy parts about life later— for now: beds.Are adults supposed to have real beds? Is that a thing? Because it struck me the other day— that all I’ve ever had is a metal frame and mattress on top. Which don’t get me wrong, I feel lucky to have those things— they’re really all you need, never once did I stop and think “maybe I should buy a real bed, with a headboard, or bed a bedroom set, or whatever else?” I just don’t know! You know? And then, I sat here online, looking through ten million beds and I realized, I have gone without all the extra details for so long, that I wouldn’t even know what I would want in bed. I mean, okay, if we had a HUGE room, I’d probably want a giant four canopy type bed frame, but we don’t— so I’d have to be practical. Then I found a pink bed—-which I feel in love with instantly. And I just kept reminding myself “you’re not the only person that would sleep in this magical bed, drea.” But really, never did I think there would be so many options.

then I found a similar, but different bed in white. I love the little feet on it. And how it’s low enough where I don’t have to worry about monsters being under there.

And this bed! Whoa! The headboard is way too tall for our space– but I love it so much!

and then this bed— which I think might actually be my favorite. And not surprisingly, has the word “banana” in the title. The irony. But seriously, I love this bed. I think something like this is awesome for Florida living/our space.

the luxurious crestaire bed.
And then I realized that I think it’s 100% harder to imagine a bed in my space than any other large piece of furniture. It shouldn’t be, but it kind of is. Like this bed looks perfect in this set up– but in my head, I feel like this would actually look REALLY nice in our space, even though my style is completely different than this photo.

This bed frame on wheels! How wonderful?! I mean, we’re not going to bed rolling our bed around anyway or anywhere (it has no where to go) but I love this!

I’m not sure about the honey colored frame– but I really like something about the headboard.

If I could imagine alex choosing a bed– it would probably be something like this. Though he’ll probably look at this post later and tell me I’m definitely wrong, but who knows. Maybe I’m right! But you see the bed choosing problem– and this is only like, .2% of the bed items listed on cymax!  Alex thinks its funny, but I tend to lean towards a modern style with furniture choosing– but you would never know it look at our house. But really, thats only because modern furniture doesn’t fit in our space and it would look super out of place, but I tend to really like it. Anyway, yes this was a whole post about beds— and bed frames, and being a grown up and realizing that at the age of 30, I have no idea what I would want in a bed– other than for me to comfortably sleep in it. But the options are really truly endless 🙂


  1. I have the bottom bed and matching dressers! We got it this summer as our first bedroom set and we hope to have it forever! Our furniture before was all mismatched hand-me-downs and I hated it. I feel the same way about feminine furniture/decor, like do I have too many things with flowers?! This set is very versatile.

  2. This post makes me smile. I also like the pink bed. Don't know why.
    I like floral bedding, but for the husband's sake I choose something less girly now and then.

  3. Gorgeous beds, I especially like the dark wood options. You've made me long for something more exciting than the plain bed I have now! CJ xx

  4. I juuuuuuust bought my first grownup bed with my husband! It was actually our first major purchase as a married couple and such an awesome investment. We're living in my parents' basement right now and our room is actually big enough that we could fit a king-sized mattress, so that's what we did. We decided to forgo a bed with a platform/accompanying furniture and stuck with the mattress and box springs. We used an old door and created a headboard so that we could dress it up a little. I have a picture of it here. We picked up a small table a few years ago and just decided to use it at the foot of our bed to lay our extra blankets on top of.

    That bed with the wheels though…so magical! It definitely fits with our aesthetic.