So we’re home again— after a really nice, much wanted and needed family vacation. I’m exhausted as all hell— we all are. So exhausted in fact, that Alex and I went to bed on our usual sides and woke up on opposite sides of the bed (in each others places)— and we have no idea how we switched. How is that even possible? Who knows. Exhaustion aside, it was a super good week. I was a bit nervous as to how I would feel going into a longer vacation for the first time after being sick for so long— especially since I still have so many lingering side effects, but it was all great. Really, I felt great. I’m just so happy that I get to say that. I felt really good the whole trip! I ate indian food everyday and I even had (vegan + gf) chocolate cake and brownies! I unfortunately woke up today at home, feeling quite crummy again (no idea why). Regardless, I’m still grateful that I was able to feel decent the whole week away. Makes me think I should just be on a permanent vacation, you know? That must be the answer.

I came home to a few more copies of my book waiting for me. I can’t believe it will be out in just two weeks. Crazy, right?? I hope you guys really love it. I haven’t showed the inside too much (if at all??), but I love how colorful the whole thing is! <3<3

Other than being away (so many pictures to share) and more copies of my book coming in, there’s no real grand exciting news to share. I have my follow up MRI in just two days for that tumor thing. (womp). But I haven’t had vertigo in a while (amazing)! And I was even fine at sea the whole week (no wobbly feeling and I don’t really get sea sick). The only dizzy-feeling I’ve had is the whole aftermath sea-legs thing, but that’s to be expected! So I’m not especially nervous about the MRI. I also have an appointment to get a mouth guard this week— like I said, nothing super exciting going on over here– just a super sexy time.

So yeah, life is pretty okay right now. Excited about things like cooler weather, early bed times, chai tea— you know, all the exciting and best things in life. I’m just happy about a lot of things, like eating  breakfast, haha.

Anywayyyyy— I hope you guys all had an amazing week– with family, friends, celebrating, partying, doing whatever! It’s so close to december (completely crazy) and almost a new year– so we (I) just have to make the best of every day left in this crazy year.

Happy new week and almost new month, friends. Thanks for being here. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you felt better on vacation. Do you think that maybe it's the mold at home? Is that remedied? I am so excited for the cookbook, I have been reading your blog for a long time and pre-ordered the cookbook a long time ago. Have you ever done a post on how you shop or meal plan? I have the hardest time getting organized with that. Not that's it's something you necessarily have time for with everything you have going on! Sending healing vibes from Michigan.

    • I think it's a lot of things really! Though I dont really think its the mold so much anymore. Turns out 4 out of the 6 of us came back from vacation sick. M and I somehow escaped it– well, I think me coming home, tired I was fighting it, but never fully got it. But Alex + my family got the sickies. who knows!

      I have done a post on shopping meal plan— but like, 4 years ago haha! so it's very outdated! The cookbook includes a staples section of what we normally buy and we cook depending on our mood— never meal plan! you can see the super old post here:



  2. Dear Drea,
    I am really glad you feel better and I hope your MRI will show something better too. I agree with your "vacation spirit" and I really believe that we should work for one month per year and have vacation the rest of it!! Anyway I think that every one of us can find their way to living life as we were on "vacation", like living close to nature, spending days with beloved people, away from meaningless anxiety.
    I just ordered your book and hope it gets its way to Greece soon enough for Christmas! Good luck with everything!

    • I ended up skipping the MRI— for now. I plan to reschedule!

      I hope to visit Greece someday! I have an aunt there and I've never been. It just looks so stunning <3

    • You should do it someday!If/when you decide it, send me an email, I can definitely make suggestions, help you planning your trip 😉

  3. Drea, I'm so glad you had a good time, the photo is gorgeous, what a place! You sound more cheerful than of late, I think the holiday must have raised your spirits a little, which is good, you deserve some good stuff. Maybe the answer is to move to a little house by the sea in Mexico… Wishing you a yours a lovely week. CJ xx