I really like pieces that are interchangeable— that I can move from one part of our home to another, with little hassle. Colors, seasons, patterns, whatever,  I want it all to flow easily. You guys know we’re not too much into holiday decorating around here. Maybe a pumpkin (or squash) for halloween, more greenery for thanksgiving, and a tiny shiny tree for Christmas. Well, we did a bit more of the Christmas decorating before, when M was teeny tiny, but as time has gone by, we’ve seen how that does’t necessarily make a lot of sense for our family. I’ve said it before, but I like things to mostly be practical. Not everything, but a good amount of things. (My piñata filled with sparkles or my sparkle dress collection will never be practical, I know.)
For this holiday season, I wanted things to fit within our life, but still have a slight holiday vibe. And, with the exception of our vintage Christmas glassware, nothing screams Christmas but, rather, gently supports it.

On our last trip to Target for holiday goodies, we picked up a few more festive dinnerware pieces that could work for the holidays AND beyond. I mixed and matched them with our antique goodies, and a few other gifted or long-owned pieces we have around here. Little speckles of red and gold and deeper blues and greens to create a fun, festive, non-floral table setting. 🙂

I’m so in love with these little side plates. I imagine GIANT chocolate chip cookies sitting on top of them.

Woody napkin rings.
(and turmeric-stained fingers)

A simple table cloth with gold shimmery plaid + shiny blue votive holders.

And Alex picked herbs (and ferns) from the garden for decor pieces— edible and pretty 😉

And when we’re done, everything can be neatly placed with our other things— no need to store it away for next year. Perfect for the holidays, perfect for July, perfect for whenever!

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  1. So pretty, you have a good eye for putting things together. And I like how you've chosen things that will work all year long, that really makes sense. CJ xx