these two. 

I went out to a real concert and saw real live music (damien rice). this is incredible: 1. because I would normally just pass on anything involving me doing anything anymore, but actually got up to go and do it (and had a good time). 2. there really isn’t any good live music in south florida. it doesn’t exist. I mean, who wants to drive all the way to south florida to tour and then have to drive eight hours back north just to leave this state? but really, that would be terrible. this was not.

bought jamie oliver’s new cookbook— to add to the rest of all the jamie oliver books we have. I’m a fan of it. also, popcorn should not be something I should eat, but I can’t stop thinking about the idea of popcorn and marmite. mmmmm.


more pink and purple friends. 

that deep blue and happy kid. 

finally, after years of wanting one, finally got myself a big ole’ rainbow umbrella

coming home obstacle path.

“I’m going to move all the dangerous things” -marlowe, every time her cousin comes to visit. 

little guys.

that butterfly from our yard found a home. on a shelf with a portrait by claudia, an acorn from asheville (also from claudia) , a rainbow, and an avocado pit. 

they make a path to go get blood drawn look good. 

blue skies. 

look mama, thats india. thats where you went. 


  1. You should make a book from this blog! It really is amazing how you have brought to us a "jumble" of the beautiful, important and challenging parts of this period of your life :). Even if it's just for yourself and your family, I think it would be great that you find someone who can print and arrange a "blogbook" with your favourite posts and pictures. When I was little, my mum and I moved to London and she also started a blog. A few years later, when we were back in Spain, she made this book and gave it to me last year on my 14th birthday. It's the most meaningful present I have ever recieved. I remembered many things I had forgoten, and it's something I'll never get tired of. I'm sure Marlowe would love it when she's older. Of course, this is just an idea, but I thought you might like it. Love your blog! xx

  2. So many pretty flowers! I never really realised Florida was so big somehow! Spending my life is small island countries (UK, and now New Zealand) it seems so crazy!

  3. marlowe is the sweetest!! no reason in particular for saying that, everything you post about her is just adorbs. yes to the yes for getting a rainbow umbrella! and high five for seeing a concert!

  4. your blog is so so cute and inspirational. I love everything about it <3 These are the type of blogs that inspire me and made me want to create this blog!