As mentioned, we headed down to Miami last Sunday. I had an early morning doctors appointment (that turned into a whole day appointment) and we figured instead of torturing ourselves through early monday-morning traffic, we’d spend the night in Miami. I mean, staycations are one of our favorite things, so there wasn’t much debate. Well, we (I) debated on whether it would be best to stay with friends or just book a hotel– the hotel won. A minute for Alex and I to get away together.

Miami felt new and very old again. I don’t know how to describe it, but something in the air reminded me of when Alex and I lived there so long ago. Moments of my memories stung. I’m sure it’s just because of my mood lately, but my mind wouldn’t stop racing to past and future thoughts. Despite this, it was still overall good to be in Miami again, alone with Alex.

We checked in to the hotel and were told that we were probably the first ever guests to check into The Standard with luggages and plants. I take that as a compliment. For us, it was now the second time checking into a hotel with plants 😉 We laid out in the sun, treated ourselves to lunch, poolside while we waited for our room to be ready. We spent a few hours in the spa, sweating out oh-so-many toxins. And had a couples massage— in a room together– for the very first and last time, haha. We’ve had a few spa dates before, but we never did the whole same room massage thing. Poor Alex had to listen to me laugh and fail at breathing and unable to relax the entire time. I’m not good at massages, usually. Sometimes, by some rare miracle, I can relax, but typically, I’m being told to relax— over and over again. (Dear Osmond, the masseuse man, you were absolutely wonderful. I’m sorry for laughing so much and never relaxing.)

Instead of going onto the beach or down to Wynwood, we opted to stay at the hotel that night. We ate dinner by the water and had a night time (outdoor) bath— surprisingly without my best friends, the mosquitoes. Even in our whole time living in Miami, we never ate dinner on the water– at least I don’t remember ever doing it. It’s a surreal feeling staring out to the water a city where you have so many memories. As anticipated, my stomach was hugely bloated throughout our stay, even water makes me bloat. But the good news is, I wasn’t in pain. I drank plenty of coconuts and an amazing pineapple green juice they have. I didn’t starve and things were good– I want more coconuts and more of that pineapple green juice now.

We headed out early the next morning for appointment. And spent the next few hours waiting for my appointment. Only to be told, that we should come back at two to meet with someone else— giving us enough time to pick up some food from Whole Foods, eat lunch, and check right out of our hotel to head back to the hospital. I’m still frustrated about it, but I keep reminding myself– there are worse things— and the purpose of the staycation was to make the appointment easier, and unfortunately not for the sole purpose of laying by the pool. The rest of the day followed with me breathing in and out and just trying to make the best of my time with Alex. We walked around Wynwood, grabbed a bite to eat, with intentions of visiting another restaurant, but left too full of two mezze dishes. We drove home with a few stops along the while, slowly making our way home through Miami traffic, but neither one of us minding the slow drive too much. As we pulled into the house, I said, “I don’t think I should go home yet.” But without other plans, we both agreed to go home anyway. A mistake for sure as my emotions have just kept flooding out of me and eventually we decided to pick ourselves up again and head to the movies— we sat in an empty theatre, watching Pan together before heading back home to sleep off everything. I hope to relive all the good parts again soon.

We stopped at a plant sale at a farm I love so much, little river. I want to relive this day again too. Somehow.

I’ve visited earth n us a few times now, but alex has never checked it out so I gave him a little tour 😉

goat selfies forever. 

the most gorgeous day.

coconuts forever. 

fish tacos for him. a bun-less quinoa burger for me— and fries, which I totally and definitely ate. But I did share more than I’m typically willing to share.

to the spa. the haman was so wonderful– I brought my phone to take pictures and decided I didn’t wan to be the creeper taking pictures in the spa 😐 But anywayyyy, I really can’t wait to go back. 

I think every entry of every room should be so simple and happy. 

I also think we should all have an outdoor tub. how wonderful is it?!

we bought incense to burn to keep away the buggies. 

this space. 

checking out with our two (tumeric) plants. 

Well friends, this weekend was okay. I’m doing okay. I opted not definitely not do the endo/colonscopy and I’m definitely okay with that choice. I was pretty productive at home which was good. We checked out another plant sale and bought a red banana tree. I also have been playing around with sprouting/fermenting of lentils and made this lentil patties— sort of like my lentil fritters, sort of like a dosa, somewhere in between. They came out pretty good for me just playing around. Marlowe didn’t want to try them at all, but eventually did and decided she did in fact like them too. So this was all the good news. The bad stuff is whatever at this point. I’ve gotten to a point where, yes, I want my mood to be better, but at least I’m not extraordinarily sad. I guess I’m okay. I hope you guys all had a great weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow, like always, with more brain farts and more real life. Happy monday, friends. 


  1. Love the plant place. Glad you had an okay time in Miami, despite being messed around with your medical appointment. Hugs, CJ xx