It’s so incredibly weird to think that this year is already coming to an end. It’s been my longest and shortest year by far. Really, I feel like this year never happened for me– like I skipped over it completely, which I guess is a good thing. Maybe? I’m not sure. Either way, whether we like it or not, we’re already hitting the holiday season.

We don’t plan to do much Christmas-ing around here; I mentioned we were mostly done with that last year. But I am looking forward to spending time with family and far-away friends who plan on visiting! In just a short three-ish weeks, my friend Hailey will be on her way here. I can’t wait to show her gators, coconuts, papayas, and all the other wonderful things people think of when they think of the holidays. 😉

Okay, so people don’t actually think of any of those things when they think of the holidays, but that’s what we got! We’ll be setting up all our guests in the guest room/ office room space. It’s bright, airy, and pretty cozy (read: small). With the exception of the peg board, I typically keep it pretty simple in there. But with guests coming, it’s nice to spice it up a bit and add some cozy touches to maybe convince our guests that we do in fact have some sort of holiday-ness in South Florida.

Choose happiness and a bit of gold touch.

A good book or two to read, including the draft of my cookbook! And an essential oil book sent to me by my friend Erica, who happens to be Hailey’s best friend. Fitting.

See a bit of holiday-ness!

A snowy table runner that worked perfectly to make the coffee table a bit warmer and more comfortable.

So we headed to Target to pick out some holiday items to add extra cheerful details. I bought a giant basket, because we love baskets a bit too much over here. I filled it with Christmas things, such as a copper Christmas tree, a gold speckled candle, and a gingerbread candle— and I added two beautiful pieces from India– a little mix and match. You guys might remember, from the best post ever, that I actually met Hailey IN India! Despite how different the things are, they fit perfectly together.

And a bushel of rosemary from the garden makes the room smell extra wonderful. It’s basically a christmas tree, right? 🙂

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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    • full discloser: I didn't realize it was part of a contract I signed at some point. I'm truly on the fence about it, but I don't hate it enough to break a contract. Like honesty, I try my absolute best not to break anything I say, so I'm in. And there are three more posts coming too as part of the campaign.

  1. I'm so excited for the cookbook I've pre-ordered my copy on Amazon UK, and can't wait for it to arrive!

  2. Beautiful touches Drea, no doubt your friend will love them. I do like how you keep Christmas to a minimum. It seems to get scarily out of control in a lot of places. CJ xx