sorry for all the cuts lately! so many photos!

So technically— most of these photos weren’t in Agra. I liked this part of Agra— the whole ‘stopping at a gorgeous gorgeous building and eating a meal in one of the most gorgeous rooms I had ever seen’ part of it. That part was cool. Agra itself? Unlike the other towns and cities on this trip, I could take it or leave it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Taj Mahal is cool— and I have a ton of photos there, but outside of that (and an amazing family cooking lesson), I didn’t care much for the city. Too crowded (a funny statement to make considering ALL of India is crowded), too busy, too pushy. It was all a bit much. But the drive there? In this gorgeous stop, well, this I liked loved.

I’d like this building for myself, please. 

And this portrait of this couple in my dining room please. 

french fries! and aloo gobi. If I ever write a memoir (I wont, this blog is basically one) it should probably be called, “french fries and aloo gobi” don’t you think?


their girl band photo.

So to be completely honest, I don’t remember the order of events in Agra. But I’m pretty sure right after we ate we headed off to a cooking lesson at a cute bed and breakfast type home. Which honestly, was hands down the best meal I had in India. I know I said it about most of the meals I shared here— but I really think this one was THE BEST one.

We also loved this family so much. I think we all wished we could have stayed, ate more, and chatted more. I mostly want to somehow magically make all the food appear in front of me again. it was so good.

Afterwards the ladies on the trip went off to learn about embroidery while Lisa and I went to the hotel to check everyone in and get some work done. I think this was always one of the tricky and interesting things— finding time to get emails and things done. Also, the wifi was of course spotty in a few places— which of course, wasn’t so bad because it gave me an excuse to stay off the computer and enjoy the company that much more. Brittany didn’t have to get work done, but she just chose to enjoy a lot of quiet down time at the hotels 🙂 And Lisa, well, you know, she had to get on her computer and be a bad ass running above the clouds. I’m not sure why these two people have to live so far away.

Sometimes getting work done early means cocktails and nachos in the lounge while we wait for the group. Which means I did in fact have french fries and nachos both in one day while in India 😉 I think at this point a lot of the ladies were craving cold salads— while for me, I was in warm food heaven. My body does SO much better on cooked foods. But at this point, I didn’t mind indulging in a few guilty standard american diet (s.a.d.) pleasures. I also figured it would be completely ridiculous to eat french fries and nachos in India– which meant I should do it, obviously.

left photo —> how to pose like a pro in any photo.
right photo —> i’ll never stop taking photos looking down 😉

ps. pink fountains.

I’m going to make India food today after this post. Not sure what, maybe just a simple curry 🙂 HAPPY WEDNESDAY! 


  1. Really great photos that make me want to be there. Dreaming of India now 🙂

  2. What a glorious post Drea, it looks like a beautiful place, although I'd prefer the gorgeous green gardens to the busy chaos of the city as well. The food sounds wonderful, you've reminded me how much I like aloo gobi. Lovely to see another India post, I've really enjoyed how you've split them up. CJ xx