Sending out love and a kind and gentle reminder this holiday season— let us celebrate joy and gratitude for everything and each other. Let’s remember that someone had to make the gift we might choose to buy. Someone has to work somewhere so we could buy that gift. Someone has to be in a field, often on their hands and knees, growing the food we eat for ourselves and with our families. Someone is driving and working long hours transporting our food and selling us our food. If we’re dining out that means someone has to be there away from loved ones, making our food. Someone might be cleaning the room of our hotels or our very own homes so we can sit back a little longer. Someone is miles away from home flying our planes. Someone, somewhere is working hard to supply our gas. The list can go on and on. Every decision we make will affect someone else. The best thing we can do is just be conscious, share love, and give kindness— this holiday, this year, and everyday. We’re all people, working hard towards the same thing: to be happy, trying make our families happy, and caring for the ones we love. Let’s remember ourselves while we work to find our happiness, but lets not forget we’re part of a much larger and undeniably connected picture. No matter what beliefs we hold or what days celebrate, we all deserve the same happiness and the same amount of kindness. Its too simple really, but treat everything how we would want to be treated. I’m grateful to be with the people I love and in a home I love. I feel endlessly lucky— and I absolutely wish you guys the same too— today and everyday. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and Happy Everyday, friends.


family photo by chelsae anne.


  1. Happy happy, Drea. Lovely holiday (every day) sentiment. Always enjoy catching up with you here. Let me know next time you're in Nola! <3

  2. Someone had to write this cookbook I'm now using to plan next week's meals… 😉