Well, my internet took a crap on me again. Which bothers me cause II feel bad about my email situation– but is sort of rad because I have a friend in town and it gives me an excuse to stay offline and play play play. And since I had no internet in india and my friend Hailey is here (who joined us/I met on our India trip!!) it’s like the same as being in India! You know? I love it. Her husband is here too. He’s rad. We’re really have a great week. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say HEY! We’re off to show them around Miami! I hope you enjoy this pink-alicious (gag) pictures. I wanted to take more pictures at the event, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my phone either– so there’s only a bit of mostly before and after.

see more Holi photos HERE.


ps. We’re totally planning on taking Hailey and husband to the place where Alex (ridiculously) proposed tonight. I mean, not cause Alex proposed (that would be weird) but because it’s awesome. I hope they love it. Happy thursday! 

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  1. MAI KAI. I haven't been there since Hurricane Frances, when my Dad took us there in an act of desperation after 10 days of no school and no power. Gotta love memories like that 🙂