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So not only did we have daytime gatherings with friends this week, but also lots of late nights too! I think I still struggle in the late night category these days. Well, I’m probably more like a normal human being when it comes to late nights. I just feel like I’m struggling because I’m still so accustomed to the idea of going to bed at 2 and 3 in the morning. On the nights we stayed home with friends, we just hung out, laughed a lot, sang songs, and had cocktails. Well, I didn’t have cocktails, but Alex and friends did!

What do you do with friends as far as cocktails? My friends usually make fun of how terrible I am at making cocktails. I mean, I’m good if I try– but, to be completely honest, I usually don’t try. I like to stick a bit of ice, my alcohol of choice, and soda water in glass, and serve it. Alex is the cocktail man. He loves doing it (I think anyway. Haha!), but when friends are around with no Alex (you know, that whole working at night thing), it’s nice to put out some options for a little “help yourself” vibe.

Really it’s easy. We like easy.

1. Dim down the lights, (or open the curtains for a nice day time feel).
2. Gather around my favorite pieces. We used our favorite multi-functional items (a wicker tray, the most adorable plates, candle fixtures, and cute mugs from our other Target posts).
3. Add a few necessities: alcohol, drink makers, and decorative features and/or functional pieces! Like a bit of green (plants for looks, herbs for garnish, whatever!).
4. Serve a few snacks or a feast, and enjoy!

The most simple way to make it all come together for the perfect help-yourself center for guests and friends 🙂 

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