Hi friends! I hope you had a good week and weekend! Mine was interesting to say the least— good things and bad things. But if I learned anything this year it’s that the bad moments are just things that open doors for change to bring in new things. Like this whole health thing— it obviously sucked for so many reasons, but now I’ve fully embraced all the food and life changes that have come from it. Sure, I wish wine was magically good for me so it could be a better part of my life, but I mean, whatever, hand me a tea 😉 Anyway, I’ll ramble later— this post is about the yummy or weird or interesting food Marlowe eats 😉 Happy monday, friends!

veggie fried (brown) rice with tofu (in the cookbook! ps. thank you thank you for all of you guys supporting me. I was SO nervous, but it’s been such a fun experience!)

we found a GF pizza crust at Whole Foods that was only made with rice! Thats it! Packaged things are typically filled with so much garbage– obviously! But this one was JUST RICE! I wish I could remember the brand to share it with you guys. It was a bit chewy— but that might have been my fault, I think I timed it wrong and pulled it out 4 minutes too early. Topped with leftover sauce and cashew cheese. Eaten at the counter while I cut and roast all my veggies for a few days 🙂 

Marlowe on a noodle date with Cameron– her boyfriend. aka the only other person in the cookbook who is not Alex, Marlowe, or myself haha. It’s like we magically have an extra child– we’ll take him! (he’s on page 206 if you want to see 😉

Said noodles. in a veggie broth with tofu, peas, cabbage, carrots, and some other veggies. 

tomato soup with veggies and white beans /side of kale chips.

same leftover tomato soup simmered down a bit with brown rice pasta. 

tortilla chips, a pureed black bean dip, + guacamole (guac guac-camole) 

we do a lot of early morning smoothies. Their super fast, she loves them, it’s a win for everyone. A few of our favorite are in the book— there’s a whole section actually!

miso broth with loads of seaweed, spinach, peas, and carrots / side of kale chips + nutritional yeast.

still trying to get her to love warm oatmeal– we do a lot of cold overnight oatmeals– which are great, obviously, but it would be nice to heat up a bowl of oatmeal for her while I make mine and Alex’s. I’m going to try a few new ones for her this week and see how it goes. Mine is a roasted pumpkin oatmeal (with papaya on top, cause whatever) 

Less and less I enjoy going out to eat– unless it’s an indian place– I’m always questioning all the ingredients and everything– but we still do it from time to time of course. We usually opt for an Asian restaurant when we have Marlowe– it seems to have the most options she likes– spring rolls, summer rolls, miso soups, salad with ginger dressing, tofu, rice, etc etc.

a rutabaga and butternut squash soup with a side of avocado toast and black beans. She was nut super happy about this soup– I dont blame her, the butternut squash was sort of meh– but she ate it.

Again, happy monday friends. Thanks for being here! 


  1. I'm not a vegan (though I'm not against having a vegetarian or vegan meal) – but I love reading this series. It's fascinating. When I have butternut squash soup I love to add sour cream (I think I've seen a cashew cream recipe somewhere or might have been at a local vegan restaurant here in Hawaii)… and candied or roasted walnuts. The nuts give it the texture its lacking and the "cream" gives it a little more balance!!! Give it a go again with some tweaks!!!

  2. Where do you guys typically find good vegan Asian? I really like Joy Noodles (it's in walking distance from my home and they have the BEST steamed dumplings and tea!) but I haven't really found any place else. Palm Sugar downtown is just OK and most Chinese places have mediocre peanut noodles 🙁

    Any recommendations?

    • joy noodle is definitely our fav! and yes, palm sugar is okay.. not great, not bad. Marlowe and I also love Malakor (Malakar?) just two blocks north of northwood! It's thai food, but it tastes much fresher than most thai places. One of the guys who works with Alex actually left to go work on his family farm– which supplies all he produce! And when I asked which curry didn't have fish sauce I was told "none of them have fish sauce! We've found most people who ordered preferred it without!" win! Theres a place in Lake Park that is okay too– but I forget the name– if it even has a name!

  3. The veggies and fried rice and the noodles look especially delicious. How brilliant that there's a pizza base made from just rice, it makes a really healthy meal. Lots of inspiration here as always Drea, and a lovely change from all of the sugar- and meat-heavy recipes that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Hurray for veggies. CJ xx