This kid is still mostly a super eater. Some days she’s more particular about certain foods— but aren’t we all? She still prefers raw vegetables to cooked vegetables— which is fine, but I remind her each and every time, “make sure you chew your food to mush.” I get the whole idea of a raw food diet, but if you’re not chewing your food properly, you’re really putting your stomach through some over-work and probably not absorbing all the nutrients, you know? You know.

It’s harder to introduce new foods to her now. She’s more hesitant to try new things— but once convinced, she usually likes the new item. I want to try adding spirulina in her diet– since it’s been really helping my body out a lot lately. But I know she’s super skeptical about that one– but I feel like with some convincing and smoothie magic, it might just happen. I’ll be sharing my own personal favorite spirulina recipe soon. But if you’e a newbie to it, and absolutely hate the taste, the best coverup for it is 100% bananas. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes for her. We cut out dry cereal for her. Did I mention that yet? She has it on occasion, like when we’re traveling and probably with all the grandmas, but at home, we don’t buy it anymore. Now we just stick to her favorite chilled oatmeal + fruit recipe for breakfast. If you guys are into it, I could share it! It’s super easy and I’m surprised I haven’t shared that yet!

She’s still a soup lover. And very happy being vegan. We got asked a few times about her/our diet on the trip! A few people wanting to convert to veganism or curious about how easy it is to raise vegan kids! I found that quite awesome. She still eats fruits like its her job— her favorite fruit– being rambutan and over-ripened bananas. She LOVES bananas when they’re black and oozy. Crazy, right? She asked to try jello recently (they must of had it at school or something) and I explained very loosely and vaguely how gelatin is made and she quickly changed her mind. She’s happy sticking to plants— and so am I 😉

Have I shown this yet? If not, this is a typical school lunch. Sandwich (this one is vegan cream cheese + avocado) and a snack + fruit. Ideally, we’ll be ditching the vegan cream cheese completely soon, like the cereal, but for now it’s definitely our easy processed connivence item. Same with the sliced bread. 

some sort of messy looking lentil, veggie, and kidney bean dish– indian spiced. With white rice + avocado.

a breakfast outing. acai bowl for her. 

miso veggie soup. aka my everyday miso soup + extra veggies + tofu for her.

creamy tomato veggie soup + avocado toast with black salt + side of chickpeas. 

cauliflower mash + baked tofu + peas. 
sometimes we play “master chef jr.” while we eat. today she told me that I need to work on my pea technique since I smoosh them. waugh waugh.

a green soup of leeks, cabbage, zucchini, potato, white sweet potato, arugula, spinach, and celery. aka. we need to clean out the fridge now. and a side of chickpeas marinated in olive oil and paprika. 

raw cauliflower + her favorite ginger dipping sauce.

a typical snack is still mostly fruit (SO MUCH FRUIT), but sometimes it’s un-sweetened coconut yogurt + raw honey + strawberries (if we have em).


  1. I was just looking for a good dairy-free creamy tomato soup recipe yesterday, I couldn't find anything that looked good! I was just thinking "I bet Drea knows how to make it" – and here it is – haha. In the cookbook?! or do you mind sharing how to make it vegan creamy?? 🙂

  2. We recently tried Bakol 100% Natural Jel and it was really tasty! It's GMO free, organic, vegan, and gluten free if Marlowe still wants to try some jello. 🙂

  3. I love the What Marlowe Eats series! I'm a vegetarian trying really hard to make the jump to vegan and I always get so much inspiration from these posts. Really looking forward to getting your cookbook.

  4. My littlest boy loves his vegetables raw as well, and is a huge fan of fruit. He really likes cauliflower, and the tip of a dipping sauce is a good one, I shall give it a go. It's always inspirational to see what's on your table. I always have cold oats for breakfast, soaked overnight in soya milk with a few cashew nuts and a sprinkle of dried cranberries, really quick to prepare the night before and quite delicious. CJ xx