We’ve been eating what seems like maybe an embarrassing amount of curries over here. I’m normally the curry maker over here– but sometimes Alex tries his hand at it too. We’re both good at different things in the kitchen— I like to think I’m better at the sauce, curry, stew arena. He’s better at the noodles, doughs, and salads. But hey, that totally work for us! So yeah, it’s been totally chilly around here— like, I’m in pants, socks, and a long sleeve shirt! All day, for almost a week or two straight. Crazy, right? We’ve obviously been craving the warmer, comfort type foods and for us that means two things: soups or curry. We were super happy to open up our Blue Apron box this season and find a curry dish inside.

Now, I definitely know how to make curry. There is no question about that. I mean, there’s a recipe for a simple veggie one in the cookbook. The thing is– there are SO many different ways to make curry! We make a few kinds at home, but we never really follow recipes for new varieties– not because we don’t want to, but because we never really think too. I think this is still one of our favorite things about Blue Apron, besides the ease of it all, we love that it helps us add new menu items to our week (that we wouldn’t otherwise try). Like cauliflower steaks? They are one of the easiest things to make– and we buy cauliflower almost regularly— but again, we never think to do it, but thanks to Blue Apron, BOOM a new curry + cauliflower steak recipe in our life.

the most dramatic cauliflower washer ever. ^

All the things we needed. Right to our door. No thinking. No running to whole foods for the millionth time this month. Just BOOM, portioned out food! Also, I was SO happy to see black rice in this box and recipe! I ate it almost everyday for a month when I first got sick– then I got tired of it and haven’t had it in forever. It reminded me how much I miss it. I talk about it a bit in my cookbook, but black rice is SO good for you! Packed with magnesium and a bunch of other good for you stuff! And ginger mmmm. I’m going to make some ginger tea soon. So warming, so good.

I’ve worked with Blue Apron for a while now— and I like to see how they’ve evolved—  making it easier for people to recycle, adding more and more recipes, and now they’re working on adding a sustainability program too! Also, I’m still hoping they’ll add a vegan option– which I wanted to reign up here. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s always good to mention again— I know most of you aren’t vegan, so it’s not really a problem, but for us, we order the vegetarian box— which works really well for us since Alex is of course not a vegan at all. If we were a family of three vegans it wouldn’t work so well for us, but with an omnivore in the house, we do quite well with he veg option! So maybe you have a meat eating household or a mixed family like ours, then this would be my bueno for your home too. And for those of you who have asked about the recycling in the past, you can learn more about their recycling program HERE, hooray!

This was by far the longest recipes we’ve done, but only because black rice takes a while to cook (35 minutes)— otherwise, we’ve never spent more than 30 minutes per meal for our family– and thats even with me stopping to take photos 😉

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*this post was sponsored by Blue Apron. Thanks for the delicious curry, Blue Apron 😉


  1. cauliflower definitely would make for great steaks. I love the way you plait your hair. it looks so so beautiful!

  2. This looks so tasty! I have never thought to do cauliflower this way! (Silly, I know). But I may actually pop to the shops, and try to make myself some cauliflower like this, this evening!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…