My diet is expanding— slowly. Or I should say, it has expanded— because I don’t think I’ll expand it too much further than this. I now have rice from time to time, beans and lentils from time to time. Fruit, potatoes sometimes, tomatoes sometimes. Here and there a good amount of things, in moderation. But everyday Im still working on finding the perfect balance for my own body. To be honest, my diet doesn’t look a whole lot different than when I first wrote about it six months ago, but it feels larger. Maybe it is, or maybe I’m just used to it. The good news is my stomach, sore throat, reflux business that I wrote about two months ago is A LOT better. A LOT! My acupuncturist (nd my nutritionist) was right— I was eating too much food and too many fats. I was SUPER scared to eat less and cut down on my fat intake because I didn’t want to lose any weight, but I did it, and my weight didn’t drop! Or if it did, then not by more than a pound or two. So I was squishing in all the extra calories for nothing really.

leftovers from christmas. roasted veggies, some tempeh, and my mac and cheese recipe– with GF noodles. This is something not super common for me. I still try (and will now always try) to avoid processed foods as much as possible— 1. while they all aren’t terrible for you (a rice noodle isn’t the most harmful thing), my body (and all bodies, duh!) will thrive on whole foods. 2. I can still feel bits of brain fog about 20 minutes after eating something like this or heavier meals like rice and beans. Fog that will last for hours.

The greenest soup ever. I dont even remember what I put in this– but I’m a big soup fan still and always. Especially when pureed. I basically look at this as a green juice— except warming and not cooling for my already cold body 🙂 And yes, I’m still keeping the organic soy farmers in business with my tempeh consumption.

My weird green stuff forever. Seriously though it’s 10:30 at night and I’m like craving spirulina.

Indian noms. veggie curry, and and eggplant bharta– side of greens and coconut yogurt. Also, I’ve been experimenting with these fermented lentil patty things— I’ve made them three times now and each tim I’m just trying to perfect the recipe before I share here! they’re so good. Marlowe loves them. They basically go from pan to mouth.Side note, speaking of indian food: So now that I’ve been expanding my diet more— I’ve been able to go out to eat more. I’m still always a bit nervous cause you never really know everything that goes into your food when you eat out– but I’ve been finding it much easier these days. As long as I hit up all th good ethnic food places (indian, Ethiopian, mexican, whatever) and avoid Standard American Diet food places (S.A.D. food), then I have a lot more healthier options and my body feels much better after!

Quinoa, almond milk, fruit, bee pollen. Sometimes when I don’t have time to soak my oatmeal I make quinoa bowls. They’re good too!

loads of veggies, greens, and tempeh, covered in a miso sesame sauce. Side of spicy sauerkraut and avocado. I dont eat avocado with every meal anymore, but I still pair it with food from time to time 🙂

We haven’t made these in a while— we need too. They’re so good. Brown rice steamed summer rolls.

soup game strong.

I made roasted pumpkin oatmeal. No one in my family likes pumpkin. It was okay.

Those fermented lentil patties I mentioned! Topped with a veggie tempeh mix I made for taco night! + pickled veg + sauerkraut!

So yeah, that stuff + my miso soup + green juice often seems to be my norm now. I’m hoping to try more raw foods and sprouts– slowly. I know my digestion is pretty weak, even prior to this c. diff ordeal– so I do a lot better with cooked stuff, but I don’t know, I want to see how it goes. Again, I’m just trying to find the perfect combination for my body, which can be fun and scary at the same time!  Oh and I think I mentioned, but I did have a bit of alcohol again! Once on cruise– and then two (.5) drinks on New Years. I felt mildly hungover the next day– but otherwise good. But here we are on January 5th, and my stomach has been sort of upside down for the past three days. I don’t think it was the alcohol, but I’m having a hard time pinpointing what it was. In reality, could have been the expired yogurt or tempeh I ate this week. You’d think I’d be more careful with expiration dates now, right? Haha. Or it could possibly be the new probiotic I just upped the dosage too. Who knows. As for the booze, well, I absolutely wont be making it a regular thing– but I do plan to have a drink for special occasions— maybe like my anniversary, or a birthday, or when going to a wedding. Did I mention we’re going to a wedding in a castle on a vineyard in france? Like, I definitely plan to have at least one glass of the wine! I’m hoping this (hopefully small) wave of tummy and body troubles passes just as quickly as it came in, because other than the past few days, I’ve been doing quite well!

Oh and speaking of food! I’ve SO SO SO beyond thrilled with the feedback I’ve gotten about the cookbook. I’m SO happy you guys are loving it. I can’t tell you how scary it is to put something like that out there– so thank you so much! Keep sharing those recipes with me! —-> #theplantifultable

And for now, I’m off to bed— in plans to tune out and watch stupid tv until Alex comes home. <3 Hope you’re having a great first week in 2016! 🙂


  1. Just want to say that I have your cookbook, it's so great and I love it! I have made/am making several recipes from it this week. My husband even surprised me and made the favorite potatoes for me this weekend before I woke up. Glad you are doing well 🙂

  2. Glad to hear your diet is working well for you at the moment Drea. I'm a huge fan of tempeh as well, love it. A castle in France sounds divine, I shall look forward to seeing that. CJ xx