We had a pretty good week last week. It’s been a long time. We’ve of course had good days to counter our bad days– but full good weeks have been harder to come by. We accomplished a lot of little things— but things that felt like more fun than work– like finally cleaning up our garden, trimming everything back, and harvesting a ton of spinach and a few other goodies too. We also deep cleaned the house (HOORAY!)— though by my standards, I wouldn’t mind if it was already re-cleaned again 😉 but I’m picky– the house is good. Marlowe so gladly went back to school— she really loves it there. And Alex and I used a lot of our free time to hang out together– we opted to eat out– for the sole reason of getting out of the house for a meal together. We just enjoyed days of sunshine and days of rain and overall, I think we were all pretty pleased at the easiness of last week. It was a good one, with snuggles in between the (easy) work.

We spent an entire day on the garden while Marlowe was at school. Some days it feels like school isn’t long enough at all– like, the time just slips away and I wonder if I really accomplished anything. Other days, like this one, I felt like we had done so much in so little. I made a quick lunch and we said, screw the plates, let’s share a pan 🙂

We dug up our poor sweet potatoes. For whatever reason, the garden seems to get less winter sun than last year and things are taking a bit longer to grow. Or maybe it’s the off season rain thats pouring down. Who knows.

Our little harvest. LOADS of spinach, some rosemary, oregano, sweet potato, and moringa.

I’ve finally got alex to start eating breakfast. He often goes too long between meals, breakfast helps. YAY breakfast. And I love love how Marlowe makes “ice-cream” tiny play fruit in tiny cups 🙂 On the table, a giant natural healing book + a new beautiful cookbook!

“$2 lbs” done by Marlowe. 

patiently awaiting an orange and strolling through.

some days it was dark dark dark, with almost no sun. I woke up one morning to a candle in the room and asked Alex, “why is there a candle lit in here?” his response? “it was dark and raining. I figured you’d want to wake up to a candle lit, indian music, and an incense burning.” So basically, he’s the best ever.

Then we were off thrifting, in search of a rug. also his idea.
me? not mad.


then we headed off for a cozy lunch date.

and picked up M at school to surprise with a popsicle date. 

the next day, despite marlowe wishes, we shopped for more plants– but mostly for planters or baskets, but really, we didn’t find any (planters and baskets) they were all a bit cheaply made or overpriced, so we passed. we did buy plants tho, always plants.

always flowers too.

cloudy mornings, quickly off to school.

and a few little dates for her. 
A very good week. This weekend has been decent too. Slower than I had hoped or planned… but maybe thats okay! I hope you guys had a great weekend! And have a better week 🙂 <3


  1. What a lovely week. I like to see the place where you buy plants, and I love to see your garden too, especially your vegetable harvest. Have you ever read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver? It's about her family's quest to grow and rear their own food and buy local produce. I think you'd enjoy it and agree with everything she says. Wishing you another good week. CJ xx

  2. I'm glad your week turned out to be great! I really like your blog, and I can't wait to get my own garden, haha. Maybe someday… :—)