Last month when I was talking about lady things, I mentioned trying to make the switch to as many organic products as possible. It felt like the moment I decided to go vegan from vegetarian really. I was just sitting there one day and a lightbulb went off where I thought, “I keep fighting for organic farming, but what about cotton? What about everything else?” Realistically, I can’t say our lives will automatically become 100% organic, with EVERY SINGLE thing we purchase being organic— but you can sure bet I’m going to make it a point to start purchasing only organic items whenever I can. And things like linens— especially ones that you’re going to curled into snuggling with each night? Thats a perfect place to start!

Dream Designs has a ton of really amazing all organic home good items! And they’re all made in Canada! (ay!) You can find bedding for your own bed, kiddos beds, and even baby crib bedding too– probably the most important, don’t ya think? Nobody needs chemicals being inhaled into tiny lungs— especially all night long! It’s obviously 200% better to have clean healthy air and materials around you and/or your little ones 🙂 pst. I LOVE this baby kitty bedding.

We’re happy— crisp white sheets to snuggle in— just in time for a “cold front” too— it’s been 60 here this week! And another step closer to transitioning to a completely organic life. Another good company making it easier to take little steps to create a healthier earth and support our farmers out there.

ps. Dream Designs totally has clothes, bath goods, curtains, and yoga accessories too! I bought a cream colored yoga bag that I hope to dye soon! Eeep!


  1. Are they soft? I just bought some new organic sheets but the fabric is not very nice. I ended up switching back to my regular sheets and back on the hunt for soft organic sheets

  2. Are they soft? I bought some organic sheets that were not soft at all.. i ended up switching back to my regular sheets 🙁 Still on the hunt for soft organic sheets

  3. How have these sheets washed? I'm worried about drying them. I dont have space to line dry

  4. Awesome! I've never thought about organics in regards to everything–only in the things that I eat.
    I'm feeling inspired to think on the rest of the goods in my life. Thank you.