So, I’ve been going out A LOT lately. Well, that makes it sound like I’ve been partying– which is the furthest from the truth– but I have been away from the house a lot. Alex and I have still been having a bunch of day dates together. Marlowe and I have been out and about more. And I’ve ten zillion friends around. Okay, the friend thing is totally an exaggeration– but I mean, even before I got sick I would typically only hang out with one or two people at a time. And after getting sick? Not even that!  But this week? I’ve been surrounded by people 24/7. Which has been well, a lot! But really good too! I feel like I don’t even have the time to sit down to post on instagram! (Not complaining, haha, but it’s silly to think a 2 minute task has been difficult to find time for 😉 I’m scrambling to answer half my texts and as many emails as I can. Winning at in person connections— but failing with loads of missed online connections. Alex and I have ben going out more— for silly errands and whatever else. We’ve even opted to head out of the house more on rainy days– which was pretty rare before. We can blame that on me finally investing in a raincoat— something I should have done when I moved to Florida almost ten years ago 😉

After school dates at Celis

This is me making friends. I obnoxiously used snapchat for about two weeks. It was great. I asked a lot of people to be my friends. Most people (alex, marlowe, marlowe’s dolls, the chickens) all said no. This guy said yes. Thanks Anthony, glad we’re friends. This was a whole foods lady date to buy lots of probiotic drinks, chips, chocolate pie, and more necessities for my girly sleepover.

so many lunch dates. mostly alex and I– but sometimes with friends and family too. Marlowe loves the fried bok choy with ginger at this place. It’s basically deep fried kale chip tasting goodness. 

festival days! Alex is still working a lot since it’s still technically season and we’re still overcrowded with snow birds over here— but we’ve still been making it a point to do lot of family things before he gets to work on weekends (instead of just sitting at home) and as much as we can on his days off.

sun, rain, wind, cold, and heat, we’ve had it all lately. 

she said this day was the best day ever. but to be honest, she says that about most days 😉 

girly days. still need to go back and buy the (unnecessary, but amazing) coat I wanted. I look crazy, it’s okay, we tried to selfie.  
south indian buffet! One of Alex’s most favorite things lately is driving out west to our favorite local-ish indian restaurant for the buffet. I like it, but there’s usually only a small handful of options for me (still better than nothing of course!)– but I stumbled on this new (to us) place (about 45 minutes south of us) on my lady date the other day and was SO excited to learn I could eat basically everything! And I did. And it was good. I felt so bad not going with Alex since he loves the indian buffet just as much as I do, if not more– so we’re going back tomorrow 😉 

botanical gardens forever.

community gardens too. 

cupcake runs. well, water for me. I’ve learned (or I’m still learning) to put what I should have over what I want. Ideally, I’d eat chocolate everyday. Realistically, thats not good for me or anyone. I’ll let myself indulge in a meal out, but I know better than to indulge in the dessert too (usually). Sometimes it’s tough, but mostly it’s not. I’d rather feel healthy, alive, and pain free than eat whatever I want. Sure, I miss bread, the occasional sweets, and coffee, but I’m just grateful to be able to be out and about and not struggling anymore. I’ll totally take what I can get– and be grateful for it.

pizza date! That being said– I do test things out from time to time. Not gluten though, I still stay away from that! But we had ourselves a really wonderful family day that ended at a pizza place with vegan and gluten free options. It was great. Totally not cardboard-like like most GF pizza. I’d like to do this more– at least once every few months!.
Miami! So I think I mentioned this, but I started driving again about a month ago– maybe two months ago now. I drove to Fort Lauderdale for the first time about a month ago (40 ish minutes away). And now, Miami! It’s crazy to think how often I would drive there– back and forth, but that has seemed and felt like an impossible task since I got sick. I would get so dizzy and the pain in my arms and everywhere was so bad– but all that is finally better! I dont think I do could long Miami drives every day or even once a week— but I can certainly do them from time to time now.

More after school dates. The rain wont stop us!

It’s been good eating out more (without fear), running around more, just being surrounded by more people again. That being said— I am totally looking forward to a bit of quiet time next month. I’m allowing myself to eat out more this week and weekend— but going to get back to my stricter diet and detox a bit starting in February. I think my body needs it. I’ve been mostly good, but if I listen carefully, my body is telling me that it needs less restaurant food, chocolate pie, and corn tortillas, and more home cooked meals 😉 I’m going to allow myself to enjoy these outings and adventures for a little bit more, and then allow myself some downtime 😉 


  1. would love to know the details of all these great allergy-friendly restaurants! i visit family in south florida pretty often and would love to find some new spots.

    • It kind of gives me a tummy ache! even prior to getting sick. I think it was just a bit too heavy for my gut. That being said we do eat it from time to time since it's easy for bigger groups to eat at 🙂 And I actually prefer the GF base over the gluten one 🙂

  2. Love this post. Where did you get those super cute rain coats! Being a FL girl myself, I think it might be time to invest in one…

    • I'm not going to lie– these were a bit pricer than I would have liked to spend– but I figured I would have mine for the next 50+ years (or for however long I live) and I couldn't find a better one for M– they were all either too thick, cheap, or not completely waterproof. They are trout brand. If you're looking for a kiddo— I did actually find some good options at Hanna Anderson!

  3. Could you tell me where the Indian place is that's about 45 minutes south of you? That could be in my neck of the woods and it looks great. Thanks!

  4. What a lovely positive post Drea, I'm so very glad you're feeling a lot better now and that you can drive bigger distances now. It's all good news! I love the community garden, places like that always make me happy. Enjoy the rest of the week. CJ xx