we luvz you too, kid. 

butt pillow at your service. 

so I ended up giving in and giving marlowe christmas presents “from santa”— she looks at them and says, “but we didn’t order these?” and looks at the gift (from my friend Alana) sitting next to these and says, “is Alana santa?”— so apparently she is waaayy more confused and/or smart than I thought and I don’t have to second guess christmas again. She really would have been perfectly happy with nothing.

her restaurant is packed. I had to go on a waitlist. 

goooood morninggggg.

family christmas dinner noms. 

always on my counter… usually stealing fruit. 

I almost never check my instagram DM’s… but when I do, it’s to find stuff like this.

Thank you instagram selfie man. This one is for you. 
(and me driving again!!)


“does it look like I have a mustache?” sure does, kid. 

will travel with cookbook and green stuff

another one of my selfie man. love you, selfie man.

still my baby. 


  1. Would love to know where your rad MAMA necklace is from?! Thanks for the awesome blog!

  2. Would love to know where your rad MAMA necklace is from!? Thanks for the awesome blog!

  3. Lovely photos Drea, glad you've had a good few days. CJ xx