I dont see you.
but I do see a crooked blind, a jumping whale, and a tiny cow. 

on the internet this might be referred to as #goals

and days later— after looking at this picture multiple times, I just realizing she was eating in bed 😐 at least she’s cute. (but I totally let myself eat popcorn in bed. cause…. popcorn. and now I’m going to go make popcorn…

sometimes I’m head over heels with our home sometimes I think it’s too cluttered. sometimes I think theres not enough going on. sometimes I want to move. sometimes I think I’ll live here forever and die. But at the end of the day I really enjoy our space we’ve made. 


I love this! her little dentist and doctors office <3<3 
(though to be honest I hope she doesn’t do either for a living.) 


why wont she nap every day? or even once a week? I love the sweaty snuggles. 

“petting zoo”

new moroccan rug from here older blue one from here (clearance). I also just found and bought this lamp. I freaking love it (40% off). I’m patiently waiting for Alex to get home and tell me he loves it too. he will right? he better. (he will). (i hope)

the taco line is busy.


the taco wait is hard. 

the end result is worth it. 
it’s sort of like life, right?

I love nature, it’s so rad. we’ve now had 3-4 tomato plants grow out of gravel. Some cilantro, moringa, and a few other things too. just keep growing, tiny friends. where theres a will there’s a way, right? 
ps. we didn’t even plant tomato seeds yet when this happened!


maybe a bird. 

someone had a rough night. and no, its not me. and no it’s not alex with shaved legs. 

and this! I love this so much. marlowe’s school had cooking week— alex and I went to go talk, me about making a cookbook. and him about being a chef. her little expression! ahhh <3

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Ours was pretty good. The weather has been so all over the place. Also, if you follow me on instagram, you know we got chickens again!!!! YAY! and also, I randomly started using snapchat. it’s such a wonderful waste of time. I dont know why I did it, other than insane distractions and to be honest, it probably wont last long. Who knows. Anyway, the next few weeks will be so busy! I’m excited and nervous for all of it 🙂 Happy monday, friends!


  1. hah hahhahahaha i am just enjoying the pic where Marlowe is all like….gaah ! hahhahaa so cute!

  2. Your home is gorgeous Drea, absolutely unique, I do so love that it doesn't look like so many others. Too many people follow the same path as each other, it's so refreshing to see someone who does her own thing, and with such flair and style. I love that you and Alex went into Marlowe's school to talk to her class, I bet she was so very proud of you both. The tiny chairs are fab aren't they. CJ xx

  3. I genuinely lol'ed at "sometimes I'm head over heels with our home sometimes I think it's too cluttered. sometimes I think theres not enough going on. sometimes I want to move. sometimes I think I'll live here forever and die." XD

  4. I love that as soon as I saw that "40% off" comment, I knew you'd been shopping at Anthro. I've been desperately trying to convince myself to stay away, but gosh they have the most beautiful things.

  5. This is really beautiful 🙂 so interesting to see a behind the scenes type of post. Thanks for sharing.