You guys have heard me talking about detoxing a few times now. Throughout the blog and especially lately. Detoxing out your body is important, whether it’s through diet, loads of water, skin brushing, or weird green stuff every morning. When I first changed my diet this year it was super hard– emotionally, physically—  in just about every which way it was difficult. I had to make drastic changes REALLY fast. Not only did my body have to start the recovery process, but it also had to start the detox process from the antibiotics I took, the cortisone shot I got, and the vaccines I received a month prior to India. My body was on a toxic overload, thats 100% for sure. I would sit in a hot magnesium salt bath each night at my moms house (I wish we had a bath here) and sweat out the extra crap. (Gross but…) I had these big ole’ pimples coming through all over my new high detox body. Eventually my body was pretty well cleansed and the pimples and other detox symptoms stopped. And now, well, I’ve found a decent balance between happy and healthy. There’s no way I’ll be adding all the extreme toxic crap in my body again so I doubt I’ll ever have to be forced to deeply and drastically cleanse again but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to maintain (and better) what I already have. With the exception of a few days here and there, I think I’ve found a decent balance that works right now. Loads of veggies, easy protein, and high detox friendly foods.

Well, I love eating my weird green stuff each morning, like love love love. You guys know this. And I try to do it as often as I possibly can! It usually happens 9 days out of 10! But you guys also know my big gut healing and body cleansing oatmeal isn’t for everyone. I mean, I get it– trust me, I’m never offended that Alex and Marlowe don’t want to dive into my breakfast (thought I wish they would). And I know that jumping into a cleaner more detox friendly diet isn’t for everyone. Ten years ago I would have hysterically laughed at you if you told me I would be eating this way. It was a huge step for me even cook (or eat) broccoli. So I get it, I really get it. Understanding how your body works and trusting plants and the other natural items that have been on this earth for centuries can be tricky in this modern age where we’re taught to believe that the instant gratification of a magic prescribed pill is the answer. Sure, pills can relieve some things– I wont fight ya there, but I’ve learned the best medicine and the best way to thrive and stay disease free is by filling your body with nourishing and real food. And hey, if you want nachos or pizza sometimes— well that’s okay too. We’re all human and enjoy delicious things, I would just never go back to eating pizza 9 times a week like I did in the past. Real food = real medicine. It doesn’t matter where you start or how you do it, it’s just about taking that first step to something better! …..Anyway, I digress.

Naked Juice offered me the new Seagreens Juice to try— well to be more specific they offered me a new juice to try– without telling me the kind, but when the box came to my door and I saw it was a veggie juice packed with spirulina and dulse, I was super excited! I was excited for myself, for Marlowe, and basically for everyone. Spirulina is not for everyone– it’s super intimidating, but in fruit + veggie juice form? Well it works and it works well! Naked Juice is completely non GMO and each bottle of the Seagreens has 2 1/12 apples, 2/3 banana, 2/3 orange/ 2 3/4 strawberies, 1/5 coconut, 1/3 passionfruit, 1/3 celery stalk, with the spirulina + dulse. A great source for vitamins A + C and potassium and iodine (so hard to get in our standard american diet these days).

And to be quite honest, I didn’t even think of offering it to Marlowe. I just thought of the juice as something super convenient and easy for me to grab and go on the mornings where I didn’t have time to make bowl of oats. But one morning Marlowe turned to me and asked if she could try one of the juices and of course I said “YES!….. but let me grab my camera” hahaha.

She took a sip.

Let it soak in.

And walked herself over to the coffee table to sit down and drink it.

She loved it. And now I have a way to offer Marlowe spirulina in her life. And hey, Alex loves them too (but lets be honest, he isn’t just as cute drinking green juice in the morning light). So I’m happy he has an option to grab on the days I can’t convince him to eat oatmeal for another day. And as for me? Well, there is that damn banana in the bottle (not whole, pureed of course), so I was super nervous to try it, but the taste of the apple actually covers that up the banana pretty well— basically completely, so me and the juice are good and happy too 😉


  1. I love your blog, but dislike Naked Juices. Seems kind of a questionable brand to align with based on the values you usually promote – mass produced, owned by PepsiCo and previously got in trouble for claiming to use non-GMO ingredients when that wasn't the case. 🙁

    • I'm okay with he pepsi-co part of it. I touched on this years ago (super quick, not a whole post by any means) after someone attacked me for using a vegan shampoo brand that was owned by a larger company. I said (and still feel) it's not a bad thing to support the smaller brands (even when owned by the bigger companies) if the items are natural, vegan, whatever (depending on the item) because it shows the larger companies thats what we the consumers want. Like, yes, I'll buy your juice, but no I wont buy your soda. The non-geo claim is totally new to me. Someone brought itup on instagram this week. I had never heard of that– but I am absolutely going to look into that. I did ask about whether or not the products were GMO prior to posting and I was assured they were (good), but I do want to look more into the case from a while back– for my own knowledge and the blog too!

  2. Actually most Americans are iodine sufficient, as it is found in many SAD staples. That Naked Juice has so much sugar tho!

  3. There I was, stalking your blog this morning (as I normally do) when I saw this post. Since you posted your green oatmeal photos and all the amazing accompanying information (and some of my own research), I've been wanting to test out introducing spirulina to my diet. Welp, consider it done. I went to the market and picked up a bottle of this. Delsh. Now I want to put it in all of the brekky things!
    About a month ago, I tricked my boyfriend into going to the bookstore (aka made him drive) with me so that I could surreptitiously show him your cookbook. Lo, and behold, he LOVED it! We now have a copy and are working our way through the recipes. Damn, girl. super incredible job.
    Can we be interweb friends?! ; )

    • i like interweb friends. I'm just terrible at being on the web– believe it or not 😉

  4. I'm looking forward to trying this new flavor! My kids love Naked juices, and my son really loves the green ones.

  5. I was waiting to hear what you'd say about the banana because I'm a banana hater over here but that green juice sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it 🙂

  6. That sounds delicious but what about the sugar content? It seems like it would be huge with all that fruit in it. No so great for (well anybody) somebody needing to keep their candida in check. That's something I've really learned to look out for over the years.
    Ooo by the your cookbook arrived at the end of last week and I'm fast making my way through your delicious recipes, the kale in particular was a big hit tonight! so thank you 😉