Do you guys use a skin brush?! I’ve been skin-brushing for just under a year now. I’ve wanted to do it for much longer than that, but I never really got the push to do it until I got sick. Thats sort of how it works right? We (the people) tend to skip over the self care until crap hits the fan and then we’re like, “oh no! what can I do to feel better?!” You know? Well, I had heard of skin brushing a few years ago–  for children with sensitivity issues (think certain types of autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder). Routine skin brushing daily is supposed to help kids overcome their over-sensitivity. It makes sense though— its the same with taste or smell– when you’re exposed to something enough, it eventually doesn’t over-stimulate you. Like when Alex dumped seaweed fertilizer outside my open window yesterday and it was so gross smelling, but then about five to ten minute later, I can’t smell it anymore. Haha. Anyway….

Then a few years later I had heard of skin brushing to improve circulation. And ooof this is reason enough for me to skin brush. My hands and feet started going numb within seconds since pregnancy. I can’t even lay on my stomach anymore without going numb (this has gotten SOO much better though!) About a month after routine skin brushing I visited my Ayurvedic herbalist again and he looked at my tongue and was like “wow your circulation has gotten so much better!” I was like, “I know man, I know.”  And this is without him knowing that I had started skin brushing.

The simple act of brushing your skin can do a lot of good things— but the reason why I like to do it? (Besides how incredibly soft I am all the time— seriously though, I’m like, the softest person ever– Marlowe tells me everyday). I like to use a skin brush for the detoxing nature of it. This whole past year I’ve been doing everything I can to purge my body of all the nasty bacteria and candida I had in me as well as all the nasty and extreme antibiotics I was on. (YUCK).  Well, skin brushing helps detox in a few ways. One, for the most obvious reason: exfoliation. It helps remove a bunch of dead skin cells allowing our bodies to breath just a bit more. And the other reason skin brushing helps detox your body is because it stimulates your lymphatic system. We need our lymphatic systems to be in tip top order to remove all the extra junk from our bodies. We’re completely and totally surrounded by toxins in this day and age and the more we can detox the chemicals, pesticides, medications, and other bad stuff from our bodies and add the good stuff in, well, the better off we’ll be! By stimulating our lymph– we’re helping drain out more waste and in turn, we’re also helping to increase our immune system too! You know, if I could I would get a lymphatic massage weekly– or even bi-weekly, I wold absolutely do it (SIGN ME UP) but in the real world, that is a rather expensive dream. So skin brushing is basically the poor mans version of a high end lymphatic massage. Both are natural, both get the job done, but one requires you to actually do the work 😉  I have to say, I freaking love skin-brushing. I really have become addicted to it. Whether it’s a week long or a two day getaway, I bring my skin brush with me! (though I really should buy a smaller one to travel with maybe). It feels really good— tingly in the best way. I also like to think it’s helping with my cellulite (I’ve heard it does that). And I think it has– but it could just be my poorly lit bedroom light deceiving me— I’m not sure. (I need to check out my thighs outdoors to be sure). But either way, it feels really good! And it is now part of my weekly self love routine. If you can, I’d recommend to do it daily— (you should!) but I don’t— I do it before each shower, so I do it, every other day (if you were wondering how often I shower. Though, I still only wash my hair about once every 7 to 9 days).

You can find a good sustainable skin brush for under ten dollars. Seriously, it’s an inexpensive and wonderful addition to your self love routine. Don’t like the long handle? Want something easier to travel with? There’s smaller handheld ones too (also eco-friendly and sustainable).

So how to? Well, for me personally, I skin brush my entire body (except my face, I use my face scrub for that) starting from my feet up. It’s best to brush towards your heart/lymph. So arms, inward toward your armpits (so many glands in your pits and around your breasts!). And your legs, upward towards your groin. And I skin brush my stomach in a circular motion, in the direction of my colon 🙂 Brush it all! Then I shower, dry off, and coconut oil massage myself (same direction) before dressing. I know some people prefer to oil before showering, but I always oil after my shower to moisturize and what not. The oil massage isn’t necessary, but it is in the same idea of brushing— it helps to increase circulation and move your lymph, and if you’re going to lotion up in the dry cold winter anyway, then why not do it with a natural product and in a productive direction 🙂  And voila, an easy two minute skin routine that I enjoy very much!

Soooo do you guys skin brush?! Have you noticed changes? I want to know!

Also, on the topic of detoxing, check out my morning detox routine if you haven’t! And there’s always the thirty day cleanse e-book for purchase too 🙂 And don’t forget: LOTS OF WATER. Water is your best best best option to help flush out the junk! (I say this, but I’m sitting here thirsty— I’m still working on this myself). And green juice is always a good addition to your life too 🙂 ALL THE GOOD THINGS, GUYS!

Alright guys, I hope you had a wonderful week. It was pretty rainy around here. But I’m looking forward to the next few weeks! It’s going to by crazy for me! So many people coming to town! Hooray! Have a wonderful weekend <3


  1. I started skin brushing about 5 years ago when I did a juice detox. It's been an on and off experience because I seriously forget when I rush into the shower, lol, but it's been one of the best things ever!

  2. I used to skin brush all the time and it was awesome! But since I moved to NZ, I never got a new brush, I really need to get back into it!

  3. I actually use one of those exfoliating mitt things, but dry, for the same purpose. And I do a full-body brown sugar and tumeric scrub about twice a month. 🙂

  4. Omg.. I learned about this when I worked at a spa and haven't done this in years.. it does feel great. I just bought a new brush!

  5. Thank you! Wow definitely going to give this a go. xx P.S ordered your book the other day and am very excited for it to arrive. I've often used recipes off your blog and they;ve been awesome.