So the holiday swept in and out pretty quickly— we’re now early into January (doesn’t even feel like this) and I think most everyone is well into that new year, new feeling attitude. It’s not quite spring yet for the official big spring cleaning, but I think still, nonetheless, people are ready for purging, cleaning, and making changes— am I right? I think I’m right ;)Right before the holidays hit, I was introduce to this really awesome company/site/fundraiser: Schoola! It’s so awesome. We like to do house purges as necessary— and typically for us, they happen around the season changes and post-gift giving days/holidays (Marlowe’s birthday/Christmas). Season changes– because if another season goes by and the same dress or top has sat there, well it’s time to say good bye. Or for Marlowe, a time when we know she’ll just be too darn big come next season. And Holidays, well thats a no-brainer really. Even though our own home and most of our family members around us have started embracing the no-gift holidays, there’s still  always a few things that come in making it easier to say goodbye to things. And for me, another big thing this year was my health and body change. While some days I do feel like I’ll be gaining weight again, most days I know that this is my new body and it’s time for me to embrace it, love it, and (hesitantly) say goodbye to clothes that wont fit anymore. Though with some things, like my favorite jeans, it’s tough. Alex now calls them my “boyfriend jeans”– but I swear they looked flattering on me once.

Anyway, enough about my jeans, Schoola is AWESOME. You can buy lightly worn clothes for you or your kiddos (small and big!)— everything from dresses, to shoes, to winter jackets, whatever you need! Aka online thrifting— for a great cause! For every purchase made, Schoola donates 2 of ever 5$ to the cause you choose. They always have the school fundraiser option where 40% gets donated to the school of your choice. There is also the Malala fund that you can choose to donate too— helping secure that more girls have equal opportunities in education (read more about the amazing Malala fund here). Not into buying used clothes? Schoola offers a selection of new donated clothes as well. Or maybe you dont need to buy clothes at all? Well that doesn’t mean you can’t donate! They makes it SO easy. They send you pre-packaged bags for your items. All you have to do is fill them up, close them tight, and away they go– pre-paid and everything! Amazing, right?

Be sure to check them out and consider them for your next online shopping experience and donating during your next new season/post holiday cleaning 🙂

bag is ready. “boyfriend jeans” are still on 😉

just want to donate? request your donation bag: HERE!

Voila! Good for the earth. Good for the children of the world! And good for your clutter too! Hooray! 🙂


  1. A great idea, I like to see things move around to people who need them. CJ xx

    • Lauren, Turi here with Schoola! If you have a super-big donation, we can email you a prepaid shipping label that you can put on a big box. Simply email and tell them Turi sent you ;). Thanks for donating and helping out kids! Turi, Schoola