a leftover chunky veggie + tomato soup, reduced and thrown on brown rice pasta. 
indian lunch. for alex and I: mung dal lentils, spicy okra, and aloo gobi (in cookbook). For M: no okra– just the aloo gobi with added chick peas tossed in rice. 
fried veggie spring rolls. so greasy. so good. 
green soup (in cookbook) topped generously with nutritional yeast. 

miso soup. she freaking loves this soup lately. asks for seconds and thirds. I use brown rice noodles or skip the noodles in hers though + cabbage. 

breakfast lately. avocado toast + olive oil + chia. side of strawberries. 

peeled logans, orange, apples.

I had intentions of making a veggie + tofu rice with leftover rice in fridge, and when the time came to add the rice I opened fridge and there was no rice. womp. so I gave the kid pureed black beans + avocado with the sautéed carrots, cabbage, and spinach. five star, I know.

brown rice, black beans, avocado.

steeled cut oats + cooked strawberries. 
mac + cheese + peas. 

black beans (the girl loves her beans), spinach, cauliflower mash, and mushroom gravy.

a creamy butternut squash + veggie + tomato soup.


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that I love these posts! Marlowe eats better than I do most days…. (and DEFINITELY better than I ever did when I was her age). Your recent breakfast posts have also motivated me to start eating oatmeal… and I love it! Thank you for all of these things 😀

  2. The black beans, cauliflower mash and mushroom gravy looks particularly delicious. Always so much inspiration here, thank you Drea. CJ xx

  3. These are my favorite too! Thanks for sharing. I love all the food inspiration and ideas. I'm big on avocado, black beans, and rice around here too. Marlowe eats so well. I'm a big believer in food that feeds everyone as opposed to "kid" food or "kid meals." 🙂