Hi friends, thanks for listening to me ramble. I don’t plan to today πŸ˜‰ So I posted about our 2.5 day Asheville trip the other day— our day of adventures out and about in the town. We spent the whole second day of our trip in house– with the exception of a few errands.I love Claudia (and Will’s home)— when I first met the both of them they were living in a tiny studio space on Miami Beach. The next year, they moved to a bigger property off the beach. The following year, a much much larger house a few blocks away. Plenty of space for all the planned and unplanned sleepovers Marlowe and I (and sometimes Alex) would have. And always within an hour/hour and a half drive away. Moving to Asheville was obviously a much bigger deal— and much further away, the good news is that a flight is only an hour/hour and a half away— sure, way more money than driving, but still not out of reach. And just like all the other homes they’ve lived in, we loved and felt more than comfortable in this one. It’s nice to have that– it’s what we thrive for everyday: a space where all feel welcome and comfortable, easily.

The girls always pick up right where they leave off. It’s always crazy to see how much they grow– (seriously though, they were so small!!!) but nothing changes– they are always so happy and so easy together. Never a fight or a disagreement. These two are artsy, happy girls together.

I brought my spirulina to make my oatmeal. I’m addicted to it I swear– but I mean, it’s just SO good for me that it makes me happy to eat. Worried about iron intake? Eat some spirulina!

So many fun details.

only regret— not getting a picture of them sitting at the table in chairs of equal height to compare to all previous breakfast photos πŸ™‚

dressing for the cold, so many layers.

One of the nights the guys went out on the town for drinks and probably more food—- Claudia and I happily sat on the couch in pjs and ratted hair, chatted about life, watched documentaries— And I even ate chocolate (with sugar— so rare for me now.) and drank whiskey, second time since getting sick. I looked wonderful the next day πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I felt okay considering. But I really wont be doing that again– not anytime soon anyway.

Oh and the next day— you know what else happened? Alex found my first grey hair. The first one ever. He’s been greying since I met him– and we’ve searched me a few times and found nothing. But then here we are, the morning after a good amount of whiskey and chocolate, a morning with a dehydrated icky face– and my first grey hair ever! I would have eaten a cookie to celebrate– but I already had the chocolate πŸ˜‰

Next day hangs for me.

and pizza making for him! we thought it’d be nice to eat in house. The two girls played outside basically the entire day. Alex made pizza. Claudia and mostly hung out at home, but ran around town a bit too.

Gifts from the little ladies.

living the dream. But for real though. A surprise trip to Asheville! One of her best friends, noodles, gemstones, endless amounts of fruit, snow, pizza followed by ice-cream. When she asked what “living the dream” means, I told her two things: 1. her life. 2. a bollywood film. Cause for real though, those people in bollywood videos are living the dream. Also side note, we’ve been making an effort to even switch clothes to organic as much as possible– I was excited that Marlowe would need cold weather clothes (she ended up needing them here in Florida too!)— my internet friend Brandy created the cutest line of wintery kids clothes— all organic and made in canada. We already has some spring stuff we loved so much. The quality, comfort level, + design is A+.

obsessive photo taker this one. You can see her post HERE.

See, living the dream.

The last morning was a quiet one. Lily was off to school before we woke up. We filled our bellies with leftover pizza (GF for me of course), got our comfiest clothes on and were off to the airport— to head back home with enough time for super market shopping, making and eating dinner, and lounging. A good long, but short weekend indeed. Grateful to have friends that I can pick up with wherever we left off. We love you guys. We’ll see you real soon.

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

ps. my new water filter came. I squealed with joy. Then Marlowe did too– she knew how happy I was haha. I’m such a nerd. It’s not as ugly as I thought it would be in our home– thank goodness. Cant wait to test it out!


  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I visited Asheville with my family a few years ago and absolutely loved it. PS–great water filter choice. We have the exact same one in my apartment πŸ™‚ Berkley is seriously the best!

  2. You might have answered this a bagillion times by now and it may even be posted somewhere on your site, but what kind of camera do you use for all of your shots? I am thinking about starting a blog, but fear I may need to invest in a fancy shmancy slash expensive camera. What is your advice on this?

    • I have and it is πŸ˜‰ but I use my phone 95% of the time. I think every single one of these photos was shot with my iPhone— a 5s— I don't even have the six. No fancy camera required— though I am looking into MAYBE getting one.

    • Aaaand of course I just found it in the FAQs. πŸ™‚ Thank you Drea! Love your site and IG account! πŸ™‚

    • ooooh, I can't. Alex has been making bread all this week— all gluten all the time. Both of us scratch our heads a lot when it comes to GF products— I resort to a frozen one when we have pizza night with friends— I've seen one or two brands that are made from just rice four– nothing else. They're not amazing, but they are just *fine* for those nights. womp womp.

  3. Is she the artist of the paintings in the home? You may have written that, if so, apologies! they`re fantastic

  4. Lovely post that makes me want to visit friends πŸ™‚ We have a Berkey water filter and we LOVE it!! I can't wait to hear what you think.

    • yay! so glad you like it! I'm excited to start using it πŸ™‚ I had bought some bottles of water this week cause I was tired of drinking the crappy tap– so once those are gone: BERKEY LIFE.