If there’s one thing I really want to focus on improving this year (you know, besides everything), it’s getting outside more. I mean, I spend a good amount of time swinging on the front porch, reading– but even then, I really need to remind myself to just get out there. Once I’m outside the only thing that can really bring me in is hunger, work, or picking up Marlowe from school– but it’s the whole act of getting outside that I struggle with. It’s like the whole gym thing (which I obviously haven’t been to a gym in maybe 3 or 4 years), but we all know it’s good for us to work out– but it takes some of us SO MUCH motivation to actually get there. Some of us anyway, I’m jealous of the people who love a good workout 😉

I might actually start setting an alarm that says “GO OUTSIDE.” Just a happy reminder that I love it out there and it needs to happen. We live so close to so many parks, theres no reason for me to not be doing more loops around. I have managed more swing time than usual and Alex and I have done a few walks exploring our neighborhood— but I have no excuse to not enjoy even more sunshine. We all need it. Chores, life, emails, all those things can wait– but the sunshine and gorgeous breeze is a real gift that I want to embrace even more.

Our biggest recent garden update news is our chickens! I mentioned it on instagram, but never here. We got new ladies! The upside is that they are definitely ladies this time, haha! The downside is that they don’t love us quite as much as the other two did. Hopefully that’ll change with each new garden treat I give them.

Marlowe loves them. And she says she can tell them apart….

I could the first week— but now I’m not really sure, they both grew so much! We should be getting eggs from them this month– which to be honest, still grosses me out. I have an “ew” face just typing this, haha. But hey, if Alex (and sometimes Marlowe) want to eat eggs— then I’m going to make sure we have the best option available! And like I’m sure I mentioned at some point, they’re just so easy to take care of! 

Our garden is doing pretty well. Most of it is anyway. We’ve had a weird winter. Lots and lots of rain– it feels like the sun isn’t in the same place as it was last year, but I really have no idea how that works. All I know is that a lot of seedlings are taking a much, much longer time to grow!

I mostly love how we can grab the things we need for lunch or dinner. Herbs, limes, greens, so easy to go and grab!

We’re growing a lot of the same things in our garden as last year— loads of citrus trees, guava, so  many banana trees (so many different varieties too!), herbs, moringa, miracle berries, neem, and your standard produce like peas, okra, radishes, carrots, etc etc etc. We’re trying to grow squash too— lots of blossoms, not so much squash though!

On the other hand, “I’m not pleased with this at all” -alex.
hahaha. The poor guy was so excited to pull our the numeric he even asked me if I wanted to come out with a camera and this is what he got. 

But hey! I think it’s pretty good! It’s not like, the biggest thing ever, but it’s certainly more than none!

For those who ask from time to time– our raised beds are still holding up! We haven’t had to fix them or anything— they’re lasting with no problems, through the storms and all.

I’m just happy to have weather where the AC doesn’t have to sit on– some days we have sweater weather some days tees are totally fine. The windows open, the sunshine warm, it’s been so nice. We love our space— it does need a bit of work though, it went unloved for a bit when I was sick– we need to clear out some mosquito friendly plants (there’s been too many in the back lately!) and trim some branches and what not. Nothing huge, just lots of little things— and start working on the front too!

And one of my favorite things is being on the inside, looking out at banana trees, papayas, and all the greenery. I actually looked outside today and thought to myself, “hmm. not everyone sees palm trees  out their window, huh?” It’s just, it’s so normal for me to see palm trees everywhere that I forget not everyone else has them too. But all that being said, as much as I love being in and looking out, I still do need the get out more. For the vitamin D, for the extra oxygen in my blood, for the fresh air, for all of it. So right now, as I sign off, I’m going to set an alarm to remind myself to “go outside”– I hope you guys do too 🙂

ps. that first photo is a picture of katuk. Isn’t it magical? And all completely edible. Packed with SO much protein. Plants are so rad.

Happy thursday! 


  1. How gorgeous your garden is looking, I love your outside posts. Hopefully everything will take off and starting growing more quickly soon. Almost time to start planting seeds here. CJ xx

  2. Ever since finding your blog, I've become pretty obsessed with Florida. You're right about not everyone can see palm trees from their window. Also, I just have to say I love your colorful, natural life. We're looking to buy a home soon and hope to have a happy home and garden like yours. Just beautiful!

  3. I love your garden, my parents have a huge garden and my dad has made it like a forest with lots of hidden paths and all indigenous trees he can even tell you how many species of trees he has hehe its over 100 now. My only complaint is that they never manage their veggy garden and they have this huge area for it too. My husband and I are about to move to a coastal city called Durban, I'm so excited to be near palm trees all the time and I'm crossing my fingers we can have a garden I want those raised beds like yours and fresh home grown veg! 🙂

  4. I moved up to New York this year after 25 years of gorgeous Florida winters and palm trees- you really do get to missing them! and the flowers and greenery- I guess it never occurred to me that everywhere else gets gray when the leaves fall off in winter. You're weird, Florida. But I miss you.

  5. Always such a treat to read your blog, Drea. Oh man, the part where Alex is underwhelmed made my day, it was so funny and offbeat. You guys are the cutest. Hugs!