Today was a really good day—-

that unfortunately has me ending in a really crummy mood. So much sunshine, fresh air, quality time with Alex, colors, yoga, tea, a bit of everything. But at the end of the day, I’m just frustrated about my gut. A year after c. diff and I still have random issues popping up out of no where. My digestion has magically and completely stopped this past two weeks or so. Like I mentioned, the tea helped– but with someone like me, who had MAJOR damage done to their gut this past year, well sometimes, nothing truly works. Nothing except patience I guess. So I’ve been busy— good busy around here. Staying super active, walking, yoga (when I wake up in time), errands, fun things, anything to take my mind off my gut. It helps. I’m happy to say I think I have fixed A LOT of my gut issues though. My candida is for sure gone (obviously my c. diff is too), my leaky gut seems to be mostly resolved– without bone broths and whatever other animal products people urge you to take when you have leaky gut, and a lot of other icky things. I’ve fixed all that this year— and I’ve fixed the endless lists of side effects that accompanied all that (endless joint pains, dizziness, low blood pressure, wonky blood sugar levels, itchiness and odd cravings, endless stomach pains, I could go on and on— it seems I’ve really fixed all that. But my gut is now extra sensitive– and who knows what set it off this time. Who knows. So in reality, this is just a minor thing. And I’m grateful that I feel well enough and energetic enough to finally keep myself busy. And I plan to keep doing just that until this resolves— moving and keeping busy. And trying to breathe in and breathe out in the evenings as I get ready for bed and feel that extra pressure on my gut as my body has slowed and settled. Tomorrow is a new day— and I hope it’s just as good as this one, but preferably with a happier, working gut.

I hope your day is wonderful too (and your gut too, duh.)
ps. If you’re wondering what that place is– it’s our nautical heaven. Not sure the name but it’s just north of downtown on dixie. It’s a huge nautical ship salvage spot– you can’t miss it. 


  1. Dear Drea – I hope you are feeling better. I too, understand how it feels when our delicate systems, halt; and the uncomfortable time frame… so frustrating.

    • Yeah, I dont take any additional fiber– which can be a huge problem is you're not well enough hydrated! Everything I take in with fiber is natural in good ole' vegetables— which I'm obviously not cutting back on! 🙂 Needa keep that colon clean!

  2. Not sure if its at all relevant for you, but check out info on SIBO – a digestion issue that is gaining traction as a main cause for what is diagnosed as other things a lot of the time!

    • Yeah, I know thats a big one! And I did actually question that for a minute this time around– but not all my symptoms line up— I think my hormones just slowed everything down a lot with this upcoming period— I even took a pregnancy test! haha! But I think it should pass (pun intended) in the next few days! I hope!

  3. The down days must seem extra down when you are climbing up.
    Love that picture of you in front of all the green/blue balls.