It’s a really nice feeling when you can look around and find happiness in everything. It took me a lot of long years to be able to open my eyes and really see all the gifts around me. They’re everywhere— you just have to be mindful, open, and ready to receive gratitude. I realized recently that (not only do I take A LOT of photos with my feet in them, but also) I take a lot of photos holding things. There are so many little things– that really can fit in the palm or fingers of your hand that are worth being grateful for— and maybe photographing too— if you’re like me and like to photograph everything 😉 This pictures of recently enjoyed things post is about that— all the little things that I’ve photographed in the past month or two that fit in my hand and made me happy. Though really, I could have made this a series of maybe 5 posts since there were SO many pictures from just this past month– but we’ll stick with one 😉

First, cilantro from our garden. I know I JUST talked about our garden, but it makes me so happy to go out there and grab what I need! Also, this ring! All of the rings I loved the most got stolen when our house got broken into this year. This one dropped to the floor and survived. I’m happy to have at least one sentimental, one of a kind ring left– and with my wedding/engagement rings of course!

Flowering tea! Could it be any prettier!? (mug)

I still love these old business cards. One of the cutest ideas/designs I could have come up with! But I am ready for a change— not sure what yet! It’ll be hard to top these 🙂

A love note from Marlowe. “You are the best mother in the whole entire world” She’s the best kid in the whole entire world. It’s so crazy to see her writing and reading everyday now!

Hi little friend.  He found his way to our kitchen sink— I’m the critter catcher around here. Snakes, lizards, frogs? Whatever the problem is, I’ll get them out 🙂 ps. that string? it’s my pool pass from our last staycation. Alex wants to rip it off me everyday– for me, well, I like it. A reminder. Also, I still love our mosaic staircase

Jumbo garlic! A garlic haters nightmare! For me? Amazinggg. ps. oh dear fruit love

Lunch. It’s crazy to see how my diet has changed this year. And it’s really crazy to think that almost an entire year has gone by and I still have some gut issues— that will probably never go away. A diet/lifestyle change like this would be hard on anyone– it’s been a huge adjustment for everyone– but I’m just grateful to be putting healthy foods in my belly everyday 🙂

Artwork from Mexico to be framed! Actually– it was framed this week, but I think I have to return frame and get a different one. It’ll fit nicely in our bedroom. So happy with the very little changes we’ve made to the space.

Flowers. Always.

A green chocolate smoothie bowl. It’s very rare that I stray away from my morning oatmeal, but I did this day and it was good 🙂 ps. I always thought it was SUPER weird when people put frozen fruit on their breakfast bowls— but I tried it with the blueberries– and it was pretty good 😉

Guava right off our tree! nom nom nom.

A gift from Celis Produce 🙂 I couldn’t eat it because the gluten in it, but my family enjoyed it 🙂

My other little friend.

I’ve been wanting a wind chime for maybe two years— thats a LONG time to want a wind chime, haha! But I was waiting for the PERFECT one— I didn’t want to buy just any ole’ one! But when I saw this one on our trip to Asheville, I fell in love. So happy with it!  I still want a nice wooden one too– but that make take another two years to find 😉

Giving myself permission to not be perfect. I try to eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as I possibly can— and when I had to go gluten free this year, I knew I didn’t want to just my gluten gap with processed gluten free foods– the reality is, these aren’t necessarily healthier for you! Just like the whole eating real chicken vs. mock chicken. These should be treat foods, in my honest opinion– not staples! But sometimes– I do just want a pizza or a piece of toast— and I’m learning to not judge myself harshly when I choose to do those things and allow myself to be okay with my choice! So, avocado GF things on toast — oh and with a huge smear of garlic on top! 🙂

I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend! It was a pretty good one over here! I’ve been having a bit of gut issues this week– nothing crazy– something I’m rather used to now— Honestly, I think it was from chia pudding. Chia is a great and healthy option for a lot of folks– with healthy gut + tracts– but for me? Not so much. Anyway, the cleanse has been helping a bit, thankfully! And I’m hoping in the next 2 or 3 days to be back to (my new) normal 😉

Oh!! and ps. Like I mentioned— I have been getting outside more– A LOT more! I even walked 4 miles yesterday! My hair is already getting blonde streaks from just the weekend outside, haha! Have a wonderful week friends! Look down, look up, take it all in and enjoy it 🙂 Happy monday! 


  1. I'm in love with these posts and pictures. they are so refreshing. i barely want to read. and the little notes you have with them are blissful to read

  2. I seem to have issues with chia seeds. I want them in my yogurt and salads and such but I have such a stomach ache afterwards. It's so unfortunate because they can be so good for you. Oh well, we all have our issues I suppose! I'm glad you're finally getting back on track and feeling better!

  3. What a gorgeous little crab. Your cilatro is amazingly green and healthy, nice job. I like the jumbo garlic as well. I grew some last year called elephant garlic, maybe the same thing, I'm not sure. Sorry you've been a bit off colour this week, I hope it passes soon. CJ xx

  4. Hey Drea! Up until July I had been searching for the perfect wind chime for years as well! This one isn't all wood but the deep, buddhist temple-like chimes are so so comforting whenever I hear them. You might like them too? They have an audio clip on Amazon that you can listen to if you're interested.

    "Woodstock BPLBR Signature Collection Large Bells of Paradise Chime, Bronze"