Hi friends! How are you? I’m still fighting off that cold I mentioned friday. I feel like I’ve been fighting it FOR-EV-ER, but the reality is, that its maybe been 4 days? I’m not sure, I’m not counting. It’s cool though, I did have a good (sicky, but fun) girly day on Saturday– saw some ladies that I haven’t seen in a while. And now, sunday, well I’m know I should have maybe stayed in bed on saturday. But the weather was too good, the activities were plenty, and I wanted to see my friends!

Laura and I joked about how old we’re getting. Once were the days where we partied till 3 and 4 am once and twice a week— now? We spend our time talking about things like the free water testing supplies at Home Depot, proper water filters, bad customer service (we’re old ladies, we want decent service at the least!), and making sure we get enough sleep. Haha. And instead of doing vodka shots? We got b12 shots together this weekend, haha! But hey, we’re always changing– and like I mentioned, I can definitely feel the shift– especially in the past few months, it’s huge!

But for now, in what feels like this transitional period, I’m just soaking it in and continuing with life. Yes, I’m always trying to better myself, but I’m also giving myself room to be okay with not being perfect. I’m still working on my diet— with every meal, I make sure I’m properly combining food + making sure to always have a fat, a protein, and a green (usually kale— sometimes spinach). And I’m trying (but this one is a bit harder) to only eat fruit on a mostly empty stomach. That being said– I am eating more fruit! I haven’t eaten this many oranges since I was pregnant with Marlowe (which was the first time I ever had an orange craving). I feel like my candida is completely in check now, because I never really crave junk anymore– at all– and when I crave something sweet, it’s typically only fruit– no more cookies at all. So as long as I keep up with what I’m doing and keep sugars (even fruit sugars) in check– and only in my life from time to time, then I’m good. I am still trying to drink green juice often, but like this week, when I just dont have the energy, I am happy to have a bottle of the Kale Blazer Naked Juice in stock. It’s easy– and honestly, it really helps to chase down the ginger garlic flu shots. Did you guys ever try making my garlic ginger flu shots? I should have been doing them all week, but I thought for sure I wouldn’t actually get sick, so I skipped them (big mistake). Today, I made sure to make an extra big shot of it. It REALLY helps. First thing tomorrow? More shots! Anyway, yes the Kale Blazer has a good bit of sugar in it– but not anymore than when I juice and apple and orange for the kiddo! So as long as I’ve had enough protein during the day (I always start the day with protein), then I don’t really have to worry about a blood sugar spike. Did you know that protein helps to regulate blood sugars? As well as healthy fats and greens! I had a lot of trouble with my blood sugar levels right after the hospital– but I’m happy to say all that has completed regulated now (thank you diet!). The more I read about it, it really does seem like the raw diet is one of the better diets for your overall health— but only if you don’t run on the cold side (‘yin’ in chinese medicine) and if you don’t have poor digestion. Which, I do run cold and my digestion is pretty poor now. Womp. The only raw foods I do now are juices— and at room temp, because in general room temp or warm liquids are better for your body health (they require less energy to process)……Okay I’m rambling a lot.

The Kale Blazer, if you haven’t looked into it is loaded with potassium and vitamins A and C. Most of us these days are out of whack when it comes to potassium, And not necessarily that we are completely insufficient, but just that we need a better and healthy ratio of sodium + potassium. But these days we get waaaay to much sodium— from processed foods, eating out (chefs are the worst when it comes to salt– trust me I know) and even eating at home. I’m totally guilty of excess salt– I crave salt! So upping our potassium? Muy bueno. Plus there’s no added sugar (in any of Naked Juice’s juice + smoothes). I mean, you wouldn’t add sugar to something you juiced at home, right? (Gross). And zero preservatives. Oh and no banana either 😉

Alright friends, I’m going to try to answer some emails and then finish the book I’m currently working on— because I just got two new books in the mail that I seriously cannot wait to read. But I’m trying to practice discipline– and finish my current book first. It’s honestly hard. Oh, and I bought a really fancy water filter this weekend that should come in the mail tomorrow. I’m amused by what I’m amused by these days. I mean, I’ve always been a book reader— but geeking out about a water filter? I’m cool with my geekiness. I’ll let you know if it works out or not– it takes four hours to filter the water, it better taste like magic! 😉  I hope you guys all have a great week!

ps. after I took a picture of my kale drink, I looked down to realize I was wearing my KALE shirt. I’m a winner.
pps. Happy valentines day to those who celebrate it! I wasn’t feeling too hot so my friend Uzma took Marlowe to a lady bug release event— that the little girls hated. I think they’re going to be scared for weeks that there might be lady bugs in their hair. Aww, haha!
ppsssssss. we’re getting Jerry back this week. Not sure how it’s going to go with my all my extra allergies, but we’ll see! Only time will tell! Marlowe is super excited.
pppppssssss. that top photo? I used my extra energy today to start rearranging wall hangings and plants in our room— the thing is, I couldn’t hang half the wall stuff back up so Alex is going to be like, “ump what happened in here?” when he gets home. Should be fun 😉 


  1. Good morning Drea! I love your ramblings on life. It makes me want to ramble about mine, and the every day analyzing we all go through during our lives. It inspires me to have a stronger tone in my own blog. Thank you! And I LOVE the Kale Blazer juice too!

  2. I struggle with my blood sugar sometimes, the protein tip is interesting, I shall investigate that further. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. A shame you missed the lady bug event! CJ xx

  3. Have you ever made green juice in a Vitamix/blender? I just tried it today & love it more than when I use my juicer. Also, Udos 42billion probiotic has helped keep yeast in check for me. Just a suggestion! Lastly, I used to crave salt as well. I've read that's an adrenal issue. I got my adrenals healthy & I don't crave salt anymore. Pretty neat!!

    • I was going to try it today actually– but then I got super lazy (you know, the not feeling well thing!), but I do want to try it. I convinced my mom to start doing it everyday since she doesn't have a juicer 🙂 I'm still on probiotics now that really help! I notice a difference if I even skip them for a day— which is good and bad. Good cause, they're working. Bad, because I dont want me stomach to rely on them forever. I know eventually my digestion will get better though and I can hopefully stop! But I almost never worry about yeast anymore– I just stay away from processed sugar (except for the one cupcake bite I had this week 😉 And i will definitely look into the adrenal + salt thing! I was taking adrenal support supplements this summer– and I make sure to take breaks + get enough sleep + no more coffee to help normalize it all a bit- but I'm sure it could always get better— especially after last year! Thanks for the tips! Will research! 🙂