I’m obviously a huge tea drinker (so much tea talk and so many photos, especially on instagram!)– and especially since I cut out coffee. I stick to the lower caffeine teas, typically but not always. I do prefer the herbal varieties. Not only because herbal teas taste delicious, but because they have a ton of beneficial health properties to them. I know a few of you guys have emailed me and messaged me for tea recommendations– I’ve shared a few homemade teas I do somewhat regularly at home– but the tea list is really endless. But since I’ve been talking boatloads about detoxing lately, I figured we should keep up the momentum and talk about detox teas! We live in a highly toxic world now. Between the constant flow of chemicals being sprayed, pesticides, pollution, crap in our “foods”, hell even tap water and air-conditioning is full of toxic and dangerous poisons these days— there’s really no wonder why the cancer rate is so high and why the U.S. is the sickest developed country in the world. Cleansing and detoxing is important– and its possible to live a cleaner life, just by making a few lifestyle changes, but sometimes it’s good to jump start into a cleanse! There’s a lot of different cleanses out there– I’ve tried a good handful over the past decade. Since getting sick, I’ve mostly gone for more warming and gut healing teas, but after being sicky with a cold last week I felt like my gut needed a bit of a bigger detox. Insert: colon detox tea.

I love Teami’s detox tea. I had actually heard of Teami since they are a local-ish company (they ship worldwide though), and I’ve heard good things. Overall, I really like the taste of this tea. Most cleansing herbs tend to be on the bitter side (bitter tasting herbs are known for their removal of heat and toxins in Chinese medicine). But the best way I could describe this tea is that it tastes almost similar to slippery elm— but I’ll assume most people don’t know what slippery elm tastes like, haha. It’s mild, non offensive, not bitter (unless you over-steep it, but we’ll talk about that later), and overall has a cozy and nourishing feel to it.

But here’s the thing— you don’t want underestimate the power of a colon-cleansing tea! Herbs, while natural, can also be rather intense! So like with spirulina or things you detox with, you want to start slow. The main ingredient in (this and most) detox tea is senna. Senna is an herb— and herb that has natural laxative properties. This is where part of the detoxing comes in! And be warned– it does work! I won’t lie to you guys– the first night I tried this tea, I read the directions and didn’t listen. I thought to myself, “I’ve done a ton of these detoxes in the past— steep for three minutes? Why? I can do ten! Twice!” haha. Bad idea. I mean, I was fine, no harm no foul, but it really cleared me out! (TMI, I know). Alex was like, “well isn’t that what you wanted?” I guess so! So do know the senna in the colon detox tea means business! Steep for a few minutes, drink, go to bed, and be ready in the next 6 to 10 hours for a bathroom visit— or two.

The colon cleanse tea also has hawthorn lotus leaf and phaseolus calcareous, both known to aid in inflammation— which most of us have waaaayyy too much inflammation in our bodies (even if you’re like me and living in tumeric)!  It also has poria cocos– which has been studied for it’s anti tumor properties! Obviously something I can get behind. And valerian root which is A+ for helping you relax and sleep at night. I actually bought a valerian root tea about two weeks ago to use— so I was happy to find it in this too! There’s a lot of goodies in there really. (you can see full list HERE if you’re curious.)

Anyway, colon cleanse teas vary company to company— and so the amounts will vary. For the Teami tea, it’s recommended to use the colon cleanse every other day. In general, for any company it’s good to use the detox teas as just that— a cleanse— not a colon clearing lifestyle. If you’re bowels aren’t regular— don’t try to use a tea to make them regular! Changing your diet (less body clogging junk– sugars, cheese, heavy meats, starches and more more more natural fibers like veggies!) and upping your water is SUPER important. And of course, exercise helps too.  Coffee is fine and not the enemy, but a lot of us use and depend on it to keep us regular, but you should be able to keep regular bowels WITHOUT coffee! Your poop says A LOT about your overall health— so getting everything in working order should be a top priority. And hey, I do believe cleanses can jump start this! I mean, thats what made me full change and commit to being vegan– seeing how good I felt after clearing my body of a lot of junk and changing my diet! But as always, move forward with caution! Even natural things can have a downside! Trust your gut 😉

If you decide to do a longer cleanse and really want to benefit from it, I do totally suggest eating really clean while detoxing! I’m totally going to sell myself here, but basically exactly everything that in THIS cleanse! I mean, you can totally eat whatever you want and just flush out your bowels– but you’re detoxing for a reason, right? To flush out the extra junk and clear out the toxins— not to just fill it up with crap (pun intended) again, but to create a positive change. So really, I’d do it as a fresh start to a cleaner system and cleaner diet 🙂 We all deserve better than a toxic lifestyle! And it all starts in your gut!

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I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Get outside, breathe in fresh air, and full your body with goodness! Happy friday, friends!


  1. Drea, your blog is quickly becoming my favorite to read. I love all the health posts…healthy food, cleanses, natural hair products, even tampons (which I totally ordered, btw). I always trust your recommendations, knowing you take the time to research…so I dont have to..haha. I still do my own research, but I really do trust your recommendations and so appreciate the reminders to treat my body well. xo!

    • Thank you! This means A LOT to me! Do research though! Since we're all different 🙂 If yu don't follow me on twitter— I started sharing A LOT of natural living/health/earth links over there lately. I spend 30 minutes to an hour reading through articles and sharing there 🙂 I just dont talk about it here cause I dont want to shove health down everyones throat 🙂 Thank you again for your comment!

  2. Hi Drea! I am an avid reader of your blog and your cookbook!! I just bought it a few weeks ago and have been living off it since… I just read your post about the detox teas and really want to try the detox you recommended. I am having trouble ordering it when I click the link… Am I missing something? Thank you for everything you do. Your words and lifestyle are inspirational and have been life changing for me 🙂

    • Hi love! Do you mean the tea or the ebook?! Let me know and I can't try to help! And thank you!

    • The ebook! It brings me to a PayPal page (I have an account) and asks me to put in an item amount greater than $0, and when I do, it says checkout for $1. So it doesn't seem to be working correctly for me unless I am missing something…? Thanks for the help! 🙂

    • Ah, okay! That's because you can choose your price 🙂 I wanted it to be accessible to everyone— you can pay 1$, 10$, 100$, 1 million dollars, 29.27$ whatever you want! 🙂

    • OMG! Wow! What an incredible gift… And just when I thought you were out of this world amazing, you go and do something like this! 🙂 I cannot wait to continue my journey to a healthy, happier me! XOXOXO