I’ve obviously talked a good deal about natural products over here. We keep our home a toxic free home. It’s great for people to make the switch to unprocessed foods and organic foods— but what about the things we’re putting on our skin?! I mean, our skin is basically a huge sponge taking in everything around us! And hair washing?! Everything we’re scrubbing on our scalps?! We obviously need to look into what we’re using, if we’re not already. Switching to safer products is easy and honestly, can be really fun too. We love trying and falling in love with new products over here. 
I’m honestly surprised I haven’t done a sponsored post with Honest yet. Can I say that? Haha. Honest. is such a perfect fit for our home— it’s safe, effective, and accessible. Not only that, but their products are pretty wonderful feeling and smelling too! (Obviously important!) We’ve been loving trying the new bath and body scents offered. And Marlowe loves the logo (me too). A good product inside and out– cause I want my body to feel nice and my bathroom to look nice too, haha 🙂 It really makes me so happy to see companies being created with the intention of healthy people and a healthy earth. Big supporter over here! 

I’ve talked about my hair routine in the past– and it’s still much of the same. I try new shampoos often to see what works best for my hair and hard water— same for Marlowe. And both of us still use vinegar as hair conditioner 95% of the time. Sometimes we’ll use conditioner if the weather miraculously is super dry. But for Alex? The man loves a good soothing and rich conditioner. And he loves, loves lavender so the Honest. lavender conditioner for him 😉 In general lavender is a favorite scent in our household. Marlowe requests lavender oil (for aromatherapy) with each shower. I like lavender, but personally, I like smells that are more brightening, like Honest. new Nourishing Apricot products. The shampoo is SO nice. It’s comforting but also really refreshing. And Marlowe is super excited to not only have lavender scent in the shower air– but also in her conditioner and now in her lotion too. And since her and I are night time shower people (after dinner showers for us), it’s super nice to have the calming and sleepy effects of extra lavender. Even as I sit here and type I’m oh so very much looking forward to tonights shower. A good scrub down of my hair and lotioning up after– like I said before, I lotion and massage after EVERY shower! It’s good for you. Self love! 

Funny but awkward: I can’t and wont lotion my own feet. I HATE touching my own feet. I’ll soap, but thats it. Marlowe laughs at my each night as she lotions her own feet 😉 I’m weird, whatever 

Honest‘s three new scents (and one scent free) and all their products are gentle and safe for the whole family, big and small.  It’s amazing what the power of smell has, right? It can make us nostalgic, relaxed, and even perk us up.
Oh and the Perfectly Gentle? A sweet orange and vanilla smell. Which also fits perfectly into more of my preferred scent range. I love and crave the smell of orange lately. It’s just feels so bright and warm at the same time. 

And for the days for something even more gentle and and scent free? The Purely Simple products! Scent free– so Alex doesn’t have to worry about going into work smelling like a bubble bath that I want to jump into 🙂 

Want to try Honest’s new products for yourself? You can get 35% off your first bundle* by using code: ODD35OFF

I’m super certain you guys will love these wonderful products as much as us! Happy and safe self cleaning, friends!
*This post has been sponsored by The Honest Company who provided products and payment. All opinions are my own.
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  1. I like Honest Co. I looked through their ingredients and I was impressed – nothing bad as far as I could tell. The main thing I look for is mineral oil, because 99% of cosmetics have it, and if they have mineral oil, they probably also have parabens and formaldehyde and all that crap. I have used Arbonne for years because it is the best product out there, for pretty much everything (skincare, hair care, nutrition) – it's the most trustworthy company I've ever come across. But the next time I need a cheaper shampoo, maybe I'll try Honest.

  2. Didn't they just get sued for lying about their ingredients being all natural though?