So as you guys know, we escaped to Mexico last week. We had an absolutely amazing time. Selfish maybe, but every once in a while I question “should I homeschool Marlowe?” just so that we could travel more often. But outside of the traveling thing, I really have little to no need or desire to homeschool the kid. She needs her little social life, so for now, we’re here with the occasional trips when schedule and health allows. I had a comment on my instagram while I was away– a reader saying she thought I was brave to travel with gastro issues. There are ups and downs like with anything– but I know that certain travel will be easier than others. For instance, I had very little travel issues while on the cruise. And same now with Mexico. But when we go to France this summer? Well, I fear it! Silly maybe, since for most people it would be the other way around— but with France– and being dairy and gluten free??! Ooof. And staying in the land of vineyards when wine really is not my friend anymore? It might be the death of me, haha. But August is a good ways away, so we’ll see. 

This now marks our third time visiting Mexico in three years– and my feelings never change. Whether you stick me in a ocean resort, on the beach, in the jungle, or in a small town, I still love every bit of it so much and I will happily visit as often as I can. Not much has really changed since we stayed for our honeymoon three years ago— I still thrive in the moist air, the mosquitos still love me, Alex still looks most handsome with his jungle beard, and we still love all the people I meet there.

I basically wore pjs the entire time. Well, they’re real pants that now look like oversized pjs on me (like everything else I own). 

We actually missed our flight down to Mexico. I say that with a bit of a side eye— since we actually arrived on time– with our plane happily sitting in the gate, not even boarding! But they didn’t let us check in cause we missed the hour marker by two minutes apparently (*details*). I’ve never missed a flight before– or rather, “missed a flight before.” Haha. Very lucky for us there was another plane leaving in two hours with 3 seats left. We still arrived by later afternoon and were happy to spend the rest of the time laying in a shady spot by the pool until dinner time. Our first night was spent at Sandos Cancun, before we headed further south (and to a place we loved even more) the next day. It was quiet, relaxing, and much, much needed. Thew view were stunning. The cocktails were delicious (I had sips of Alex’s— but don’t be fooled, I did drink during the trip– you saw the tequila shot if you follow me on snapchat :|). There were a few restaurants on property, but we actually loved the buffet. You can quote me on that– that’s not something I ever imagined would come out of my mouth. But it was good!! Anyway, colorful photos will follow in other posts– but this post is just filled with blues, whites, and the color of peace, cool? 😉

Also, I feel that it’s worth mentioning that we both packed for the entire week in this one bag. Everyone else seemed impress 😉 Seriously, it’s my new favorite bag. My only regret was not bringing pants that fit me, otherwise, we’re the best packers ever. 

bar vibes.

me *patiently* waiting for dinner.

cutest seating.

hard to tell, but that giant bowl is actually filled with oatmeal and my spirulina 😉 Yep, still traveling with it 😉 

The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm and breezy, with a slight chill (laughable “chill” for you people up north) at night. There was rain one evening (spring equinox day), but otherwise the bluest skies and the fluffiest white clouds. I really can’t wait to share the rest of the photos— I just didn’t want to throw a million photos into one post and over load you guys– so I figured I’d mostly ramble here and break up the rest of it into colorful photo posts 😉

We were actually invited down to visit three Sando’s resort properties in the Riviera Maya. I was super, super pleased when I learned the owner of the the three resorts is actually vegan and an animal activist and owns a vegan taco truck! You really don’t run into that everyday. We had such a wonderful time exploring each of the proprieties, but without a doubt, 100% hands down, our favorite was the Sandos Caracol. We’d visit it a million times over— it was really the perfect spot for a family like ours— a good mix between resort and an eco-vacation. Jungle, animals, a vegan restaurant on property, fresh fruits everywhere, ruins and cenotes (I conquered a fear!) on property, a water recycling program and a no-water bottle policy, everything. They really didn’t ask me to say anything about them on here, but guys, it really was the perfect vacation spot. One of the coolest things was they had a huge spring equinox festival– where employees can bring their families to celebrate too. The food was AMAZING. I overheard one woman say “this looks bit too ethnic to me”— I wanted to hit her. For real. Food is a major part of a culture and traveling experience! EAT IT! I mean, I passed on the salsa made with bugs, cause no, but everything I could eat that was bug free was delicious, haha. I was asked to dance by the cutest little boy— and I actually did it (I’m normally too reserved for that, but how could I say no?!) But since I’m not showing pictures of any of this until another post— let’s stop chatting about it now, ya?

After our four and a half days at the resorts, we rented a car and headed south, back to Tulum. (You can see all my previous Tulum posts HERE). It was such a good trip. The whole experience really.

It feels good to be traveling again. Even if I did come back and find myself with a fever right away— it was good, really, really good. And even though I still don’t love flying, I can’t wait to jump on a plane and travel again <3<3

Happy tuesday, friends!


  1. Hello Drea ! Reader from France here. Being (mostly) dairy and completely gluten-free, I wanted to let you know it's not so difficult anymore to find food you can eat in France. People are more and more aware of gluten issues, even at restaurants. (but vegan can be tough, as CJ said above. We French have a hard time understanding veganism, I'm afraid) Just thought i'd let you know. If you need a few words translated, i'll be happy to help. 🙂

    • haha! I guess my fear is mostly that— I can't even eat salads! most restaurants will at least have a salad option, but I have a super hard time digesting larger (or any amount) or raw foods! We'll see how it goes! Hopefully well! And thank you!

  2. Fantastic photos, glad you both had such a good time. It's good to hear someone else who is dubious about French food. I travelled through France for a few months as a vegan and it was dreadful. I have been in restaurants and had just a bowl of lettuce. You are wise to avoid it! Maybe Italy would be better, I'm not sure. CJ xx