We really don’t get to the beach enough these days. Partially because Marlowe spends her days in school and partially because it just feels like a lot of work sometimes— which is silly, I know, but true. Marlowe has been begging for a beach day— and we have just promising, when the weather gets nice, we will, we will, we will.Well just before Alex and I headed off to Mexico, we finally had the perfect weather- and as promised, we made our way to the beach. They don’t call it “vitamin sea” for nothing. The beach is such a good refresher for us. And even one hour is a good reminder that we need more of it– or at least more outdoors and fresh air in our lives.

beach tunes.

And our (fully packed, fully stocked) beachmate. snacks, water, sunscreen, towel for sitting, beachmate towels for wrapping and drying, keys, and on and on and on.

It’s silly how you go from needing nothing but a towel at the beach to a bunch of things and do dads when you have kids— or even just a kid, but you do. Towels (multiple), snacks, water, sunscreen, toys, hair ties, whatever. Honestly, I was tired of digging around in our giant and deep beach bag– I don’t know why I didn’t think to purchase a proper beach carry-all sooner. Our beachmate basically meets all requirements: lightweight, easy to carry, has a cooler packed in it, fits and separates everything, and has shovels and buckets to play with. BOOM– if that’s not a major multi-tasker, then I don’t know what is! 
We’re typically “make your own lunch” kind of people– but lately, we’ve given in to the connivence of whole foods— healthy and easy snacks packed away and kept cool. but seriously, I get so frustrated by how warm drinks get and so quickly at the beach (not a real problem, I understand that), but this was just too easy to have!

the cutest carrot eater.


how the hat didn’t come to mexico… I dont know. But I’m not mad 😉

shovels come in handy for making mermaid tails 😉 
Seriously, the best morning— easy and fun with perfect weather. It doesn’t get any better.

serious dilemma: what do you do when you have different last names? you can’t monogram that! so boom, ohdeardrea, haha. maybe it’s time I finally change my (and marlowe’s) last name?

But seriously, if you have kids and have the beach near by, totally consider the beachmate. pockets to keep your phone not sandy, a place to hold your keys, I could go on and on. It’s just too handy 😉 And the towels are my bueno too! SUPER lightweight and absorbent 🙂

Happy beaching friends!

#idigthebeach #mybeachmate


  1. Lovely post! We love living just 15 miles away from the beach. You're right, it's such a good refresher. Breathe in some fresh air with no smog! Haha! And that beach mate looks super handy! Glad I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with my drinks getting warm five minutes after arriving to the beach! 😉

    Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland


  2. Similar comment to Natasha, but would love to know where your hat is from or if you've seen similar hats available. I've been looking for something exactly like it!

  3. Could you share what beach you go to? I'm visiting the West Palm Beach area soon and looking for great beaches to visit. It will be my first trip to Florida!

  4. Ok, you must share the source for that bathing suit! I know you really aren't that sort of blogger who shares sources for every dang product in a picture but I have a beach trip coming up and it's just perfect. Any chance you might share that info?

  5. I live in London so not quite near a beach!! I seem to spend more time looking at beach pictures on other peoples blog!! That's the nearest I seem to get to a beach!! I shall pass on the tips to my sister who has kids and does live near a beach. 😉


  6. If I lived anywhere near the beach, I most definitely would require having one of those Beachmates! It's interesting hearing about monograms/family last names and such as I recently married but kept my own name… but am wondering what I would do when starting a family… change it then or continue keeping it.. hm.

  7. Great (grumble) ! Now I want to go to the beach. And it's cold and I live far away from the beach 🙁
    But really, it all looks so cool.