One of the best things Lisa and I did for our trip to India was plan a good amount of surprises. And one of the scariest things we did for our trip to India was plan a good amount of surprises, haha. I mean, I’m usually someone who does not enjoy surprises so I was always worried something wouldn’t feel right. In the end, it always seemed like things worked out and everyone was either happy or super freaking happy. That being said, I didn’t know what to expect for a good part of this Mexico trip— and I didn’t think much about what the plans would actually be when our to do list said “surprise breakfast.” Cause, whatever. Well, I squealed like a little girl when I saw this gorgeous little set up at our hotel!! It was very, very uncharacteristic of me, but the setting was just so pretty! And on a freaking cenote! And with perfect weather! And I saw a bunch of fruit so I figured I wouldn’t starve haha.

this guy said a little mayan prayer and brought us a tray of fruit. Alex and I both were super super excited to see a bunch of passionfruit (his absolute favorite) and I was super happy to see kiwis and papaya, my typical fruit of choice. 

there were always tons of juice options too. I’m not really a fruit juice type of person (just green stuff for me), but I indulged and most were pretty good! 

hi friend! 

he’s mocking me. whatever. he’s still cute. 

papaya with shredded coconut. tofu with honey and flax. roasted tomatoes + asparagus, a veggie “omelette”— roasted veggies wrapped in thin zucchini with a red sauce and a cauliflower cream, and vegan GF breads and pastries!

so I didn’t starve. It was all so good. I want this all here with me right now. I actually ate A LOT on this trip. We all did. But I guess it was good— I needed to make up for the calories I was losing with all the extra walking! it’s been a real struggle for me to gain this weight this year– I really haven’t at all. I’m a point where I feel healthy-ish and strongish ( as much as I can considering) so it doesn’t bother me as much—– I just wish I had shorts/pants that fit me. yum yum yum.

then I looked over and was amused by alex’s breakfast. He was happy. 

also, I think I really only realized this year how lucky we are to have fresh coconuts everywhere. I feel bad for everyone who doesn’t have this luxury. sorry guys. 

ps. I started drinking coffee again on this trip! Alex loves it. I’m torn. I don’t like feeling addicted to things and man, coffee is one hell of a drug. 

Then we were off to explore a bit. I told you guys, sandos caracol was (is) amazinggggg. 

And explore even more! 
Even more colorful photos to follow 😉 And a story about a mayan abdominal massage I did— and how I did actually go in a cenote— but there are no pictures to prove it. But I did it guys! Happy wednesday! 


  1. but for reeeeal don't take those coconuts for granted- poor Alaska doesn't even know what they are :(((

  2. Looks amazing! That's the main reason I don't drink real coffee anymore (or rarely), I hate being addicted to something. I want freedom!! But it's sooo easy to slip back into the habit…

  3. amazing holiday. am trying to restrict coffee but it sees me through the day. love the pics and your writing

  4. Thank you for sharing your struggle to gain weight. After a lot of crazy health issues (mostly GI), I am around 10lbs underweight for my height. The comments or looks I get about my body can be incredibly rude. I just have to remind myself that those people have no idea what I have gone through, and that their opinion doesn't matter anyway. 🙂 Thanks again for your honesty about your health issues and triumphs. You and your blog have been very much appreciated!

  5. I just got back on the coffee train, after over a year without. I'm mostly drinking decaf, as I really just crave the taste. But, like you said, it makes me a little uncomfortable, because I remember those caffeine withdrawal headaches– ouch.