Alex and I love traveling alone, as a family, and with family. I mean, really as long as we’re traveling to rad places, we’re happy! Alex and I didn’t spend a whole lot of time alone, as we were super excited to enjoy our trip with family and Marlowe, but we did make sure to sneak in at least a bit of time to enjoy ourselves. Is there anything else you could want out of a vacation? Sunshine, ocean breeze, tropical gardens, family time, and adult relaxation time, we had it all.
This is his “uh babe, can you and your bathing suit move outside to nap?” face. And so we did.
Alex really wanted his pineapple drink. He dreamed about it for a while. Well, he was happy and I was so happy for him when we realized they were in fact serving drinks out of pineapples on board. I even had a few sips too (and now I’m craving pineapple).

Vacation snuggles = best snuggles.

Just as Marlowe enjoyed exploring the ship— we did too. We even tried the casino for a hot minute. But literally only a minute. I think he played one slot machine and we both agreed casinos weren’t for us. We did enjoy the arcade though! With and without Marlowe 🙂 I kicked his butt at air hockey.
We had my brother Chris watch Marlowe one evening so we could have our Chef’s Table night out. We got dressed and headed out, but not without enjoying some night time air first.

Very windy nighttime air 🙂

And on one day, we enjoyed a few hours off the ship alone too. Marlowe headed off on her submarine excursion with my family while Alex and I explored Grand Cayman. We planned for a beach day, but the air was a bit too chilly and the clouds were a bit too present for it to happen.
Instead we wandered around nurseries— because we are apparently the weirdos who even enjoy to do this on vacation, haha.
Then found a cute juice bar (thank you kind people of Instagram who gave me all the recommendations!!)

Had a healthy juice and enjoyed a snack.

And I ordered the most expensive chai tea of my life. These things are luxuries on islands for sure. I also enjoyed the fact that it was served in a panther coffee holder— a florida coffee company 🙂
And we checked out produce markets too! Before taking the local bus back to the area of the port to meet back up with my family for lunch.
And we lounged. A lot. I did this on my own too, when Marlowe and Alex would play mini golf.

But it was nice to lounge with Alex too…. and his pineapple 😉

And I’ll say it for the 500th time, but this view will always be my favorite. It truly is my happy place.
I’m just forever grateful for these moments, with Alex and Marlowe and the rest of my family too. I’m grateful Alex and Marlowe enjoy travel just as much as I do. I hope to always enjoy these adventurous, relaxing, and beautiful things together.

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  1. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the type of camera that you use aside from your iphone? The pictures look so nice and clear! Thank you!

  2. My husband and I love traveling too. With & without the kiddos. Our first trip together was a cruise and we have yet to get back. This makes me want to do it again soon!