Welp, I’m away, you guys know this! I mean, maybe you do, I did mention it the other day 😉 But here are some recent-ish photos from home that have made me happy. I hope you guys all had an amazing week! As this is scheduled in advance— I can’t tell you if I had an awesome weekend yet, but let’s all assume I had the best weekend ever, okay 🙂 Happy monday!

So. much. bread. Big gluten-y plans over here.

Honestly, I’m really happy that I’ve become a breakfast person over this past year. I do enjoy it now 🙂

The morning light. Always.

Why is my dog sitting in the lemongrass bush? Will somebody tell me? He’s always been so freaking weird. 


will travel with tea. 

a monday. mondays are terrible, aren’t they?

making magic. 

outings with this girl. that piece of paper in her hand is her pretend cell phone, by the way 😉 

ice-cream dates! this has become such a treat for both of us. it’s super healthy, but feels so special. she asked if we could count to three, cheers, and say “ice-cream!”

Little friends. 

Taking the old girl for a spin. Also, taken by Alex who is now using instagram apparently. Well, sometimes anyway. Well, more than once a year anyway. 

And her, in her little corner. We can also assume I miss her like crazy— cause I do. I mean, I even miss her when she’s at school.

I hope you guys have a great week! Lots of food and natural living DIY’s coming your way!
Happy Monday!

ps. let me know if you tried the activated charcoal and loved it! It’s so great! 


  1. I totally want a tricycle now! True story, the only time I've been on a bike since I was 12 was when my husband and I wanted to go to a bird sanctuary in India, and we had to ride borrowed bikes down a HIGHWAY IN INDIA. It was terrifying, and London traffic scares me no less. All this to say, I want that trike now. 🙂

  2. Love the pics… as usual! Completely random – but I'm totally obsessed with your yellow! How the heck did you tie it and what is the actual shape of it? Please and thank you 😀

    • my scarf? it's a pretty long, rectangular scarf. I just wrap it around a few times and then tuck in the ends 😉

  3. Hey Drea, just thought I would let you know that I bought your book. When I asked the person working at Chapters, she found it for me and said its a big seller! I came home and read it over the weekend and booked marked all the recipes I want to try. It was hard not to put a sticky on every page.. I really wanted to. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I am a college student who lives alone, who is trying to find out how vegetarianism/veganism is going to fit into my life. This book is another example of how it can! Though I do not have a family, all the recipes apply to me. I am even more excited for when I do have a family and can use the tips and tricks on them. I felt very honoured to purchase your book and to be able to support you so you can keep making great content. I love your blog, you and your little family :).