It’s been what, 3 1/3 years or so since I moved in here? That sounds accurate. With the exception of either a kitchen makeover– or a giant hole knocked into our ceiling for light in the kitchen, there’s not too much we want or need inside this home. But like with anything, there’s always changes taking place. Nothing stays the same forever, right? But we’re not in the market for giant furniture, or appliances, or electronics, or much really— we have everything we need and more. So the things that most often take place are 1. buying more plants. 2. rearranging plants. 3. rearranging rugs. or 4. buying new rugs. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this at some point, but we (I?) have a stack of rugs in the backroom. Whenever the urge for change hits, I usually resort back there to move some things around. Most I purchased throughout the years, some were thrifted, some were second hand gifted. A bit of everything. Only recently did I feel the need to “look into buying new rugs” aka. spending about 10 hours online, opening 10 million *maybe* tabs and finding rugs for our home. This is a great procrustean tool from life. It’s just, most of the rugs in the back are 5×8 or smaller— and I needed wanted dreamed of a nice soft fluffy rug for our room. This took some convincing with Alex. Would it look nice? Would it be a nightmare to vacuum? All the thoughts. But he said yes fine, go for the fluffy rug, well’s how it goes. We set it up in the room (had to move a few things around to make it fit) and both agreed, a big fluffy rug made our terrazzo floored room so much larger feeling and so much more cozy.

I should mention, all the new rugs we got (with the exception of one are from Rugs Direct. Which is a wonderful and terrible site at the same time. Wonderful because they have so many choices. Terrible because it will rob hours from your life to go through all the rugs. Which like I said, can be great procrastination from life. But if you’re not trying to procrastinate from life, you might run into some issues. I’ve had a few people ask where I got this rug and I was like, “hold on, let me send you a direct link, cause you’ll never find it” haha. They actually had a few similar but patterns that I liked more, but this^ bedroom rug was more in our price range— which is fine, because we still love it, just as much if not more.

For room sources— it’s still best to check the room tour section of the blog. I have almost everything listed. This rug (obviously not listed in before tour) is the Momeni Maya Oh and we finally decided on a headboard too! It’s THIS headboard. We love it so much. Pricier than I would want to spend, but we’ll probably have it till we die, so the price is justified. We did have to chop the legs off a bit to fit it comfortably under our window. I also loved loved this headboard, but it wouldn’t have worked with our window situation.

So in our dining room. We’ve gone through a few rug changes— the firs tone being a place holder under our picnic table. When we finally got a real table, we never really went rug shopping. We were second hand gifted yellow rug. I loved the color, but didn’t like the pattern. Then we were second hand gifted a reddish toned rug. The pattern was fine, but I hated the color in our dining room. It was too dark and aggressive and our dining room already struggles to get enough light. And it didn’t match our runner— even after I ordered a new runner– with hopes for a more cohesive room.

I actually ordered THIS runner— but a blue one came instead. But hey, blue is one of my favorite colors, so I wasnt mad at all. and I hat hate returning things via mail so it stayed haha. THIS is the runner we have now. Which worked with the cheap-o printed rug we got and matched everything else in the house— and even the hutch I up-cycled.  It’s good quality, sturdy, and when a repair guy came in the other day, he wiped his grimy boots all over it and the dirt didn’t stick. So I’m happy about it. And the tables are freaking cute. Oh and Alex pointed out how there is a triangle theme in all the rugs in the room, so it all works out. Unintentional triangle party.

And I was able to rehang my favorite, 13 year old leaf print curtains too! It looked too much like christmas with the red rug and green carpets, but now it all matches! Hooray!

triangle shoes to go with a triangle rug. 

And THIS rug for the hallway. I actually ordered it for my office space— which it might eventually move to, but Alex liked how it worked in the hallway, so it ended up finding a permanent home there. It’s heavy and sturdy so it doesn’t move all of the place because of foot, dog, or scooter traffic. And I just love love the texture details on it. I sort of wish it was white– but I knew a white one would get too dirty in any room but the bedrooms.

Lots of little changes around here, these are only some. We also moved a few things around in Marlowes room— took out her play kitchen and put in a bit kid bookshelf. We moved some stuff around in our room too— mostly wall art, nothing crazy. Like I said, we dont want to buy a whole lot more— mostly just work with what we have. I will eventually need a proper work desk— or to paint the one I have, but that will take place in another time. Still just hoping we can magically have a window in our kitchen 😉

So there, rugs lately— Life lately, health lately, and rugs too haha! Oh and my best tip for rugs direct? Narrow down details as much as you can– size, fabric, whatever you KNOW you want. Also, I wish someone had done this for me when I started searching for rugs– but if you narrow down by brand it helps too. I mean, my taste might be different than yours but there were def. a few brands that had A LOT of rugs that I liked and some brands that didn’t offer one option I liked. So if this helps, some brand narrowing: Amer / Jaipur / Loloi / Momeni / Safavieh / Surya

🙂 Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good week. My green snot is starting to clear (finally), my voice is sort of back, I sent in a bunch of samples for testing, basically, I’m the sexiest person alive 😉 Alright! I’m off to eat some turmeric soup (nom nom nom)— hoping to make it again this week, when the sun is out to photograph and share recipe– it’s a favorite around here! Happy wednesday, friends. 


  1. Turmeric soup sounds wonderful, I shall look forward to that. The rugs are gorgeous, particularly the bedroom one. Your home is always so beautifully light and you have such a good eye for making a lovely interior. Nicely done. CJ xx

  2. Your house is so bright and welcoming, Drea 🙂 And I get to see the actual layout I could hardly imagine although I've seen it in snippets many times before. I'd probably run straight from the entrance door to the patio window if I was a child 😉

    I'm also preparing to change some things in our flat in anticipation for accommodating a little bundle of joy into our bedroom so smart changes are necessary. Rugs… never really thought of them as my whole flat is carpeted and it seemed unnecessary but after coming here… my perception on them has totally changed. Thank you for inspiration, Drea. As always. xxx

    • He is! And currently rubbing his back all over my rug 🙁 He's super happy to be home– my face and allergies are not to happy about it, but I love him.

  3. I live in Holland. Because of the President elections I wanted to know more of the states of the U.S.A.. I was looking on You Tube, Google Earth and internet in general. And I was searching for bloggers in the USA. And that is how I found your blog. And I love it. It cheers me up. All those beautiful colors. Information about Florida. I love your house. So, I wanted to say hello to you and tell you that you have a new follower. Greetings from Geri.